Co2 Fractional Laser Machine sold to Uzbekistan

It is good news for us.A Co2 Fractional Laser Machine and Fat Freezing Machine sold to Uzbekistan



Advantage of Fractional Co2 Laser Machine:


1.Compared with traditional glass tubes the performance of RF laser is more stable.

2.The maximum frequency of RF excited CO2 laser tube is 5000Hz reaching the super-pulse mode. The complete CO2 laser resurfacing equipment can switch among continuous laser mode pulsed laser mode ultra-pulsed laser mode and so on which makes it more applicable.

3.The high speed scanner of the RF laser tube makes the scan point thinner and less harmful to the patient.

4.The specially designed energy self - check and energy supply system improves its stability and efficiency.

5.The complete CO2 fractional laser machine adopts a low-voltage system which makes it safe from electrical danger and electromagnetic radiation.

6.The device not only adopts a laser leakage preventing design but also has multiple security protections with the remote interlock alarming of water and electricity so as to ensure the safety of our operators and clients.


Fat Freezing Machine for Reducing FatAdvantages:


1.Four different sizes handpieces optionaleasily treatment for whole body.

2.Four handpieces working simultaneoussave staff cost save treatmenttime.

3.Unique double chin treatment handpiece lead the latest technology in the world.

4.Super strong cooling system ensure the minimun treatment temperature reduce to -15 ℃

5.Non-surgery no risk easily intelligentize and humanization operation

6.No need recovery no downtime come back to work immediate.



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