How to install Multifunctional Beauty System TB-400A?


How to install Multifunctional Beauty System TB-400A?

First is connect handle.

The second step is adding water.

(1). Water source: pure water or distilled water;

(2). Screw off the caps of water inlet and water spilt at the same time;

(3). Take advantage of water pipe and water funnel to input water

(4). How to know enough water input?

Please observe water spilt, water spill automatically from the water spilt, means enough water input.

(5). Draw out water pipe and water funnel, do not tighten screw caps till good water circulation



    a. Be sure to use pure water and distilled water

    b. Change water every 3 months approximate

The third is pluging the power cord and foot switch.

The fourth is function test.



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