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Lip Care bedtime maintenance is very important

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Hot and dry summer weather, in addition to a female friend to  microdermabrasion machine pay attention to skin moisturizing, but also do not forget to do lip care Oh! So this summer how to care for lips it? Here's a look at the lip of a small coup summer care of it.
Many women believe that the summer hot weather do not need lip. Coat of lipstick or to hastily. In fact, summer, lip is a big project Oh! Come take a look Xiaobian you to create programs it! Do not be lazy! Beautiful lips will make you look younger!
Lip summer, bedtime maintenance is very important:
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Summer temperatures rise, water evaporates quickly, easily thirsty. So usually should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as pears, water chestnuts and other animate Tianjin effects of foods needed to supplement the body of vitamin B2 and vitamin A.
Skin care products can not replace lip balm
Crush all know, if you do not often moist lips, the lips will become dry skin, while others could not find if crush lip balm, will choose to use skin care products Lip instead, choose to use moisturizer or moisturizing water emergency, however, these skin care products are often not able to apply on the lips, the lip skin particularly vulnerable, not enough to facial skin care cream lip, so not only can not play the role of lip, but also It will stimulate the lip skin, damage delicate lip skin.
Lip balm and lip gloss is not the same
Lip Lip main role in that, instead of Lip, lip gloss and lipstick are more likely to make the lip skin drying and aging, while no effect Lip, therefore, crush not use lip gloss or lipstick to Lip , while after smearing lipstick and lip gloss, lip to clean, then apply lip balm to nourish lips.
Importance lip sunscreen
Outdoors, the sun, the beach, play, the United States and the United States, but also the skin to produce summer sun spots killer, not only hurt the facial skin, delicate lips can not escape the invasion of ultraviolet radiation and, therefore, also need to apply lip skin sunscreen, but in general, the higher the coefficient of sunscreen, sunscreen effect is stronger, the lips of the sun, it is recommended to choose crush SP value of about 8 to moderate sun is on the lips of the most secure protection.
Regular massage reduce lip wrinkles
Lip wrinkles can be improved by massage, just the touch of two fingers on it, first massage the upper lip, the index finger and thumb pinch the upper lip, do not move the index finger, thumb to massage, then pulls the lower lip, Fixed thumb, index finger to massage the lower lip.
Bedtime Care
Outside bedtime maintenance is very suitable for use to have repair, antioxidant, and other deep lip to lip care products efficacy, if necessary, need to use the lip film lip skin care. Before going to bed can also be painted on the lips of honey, olive oil or a thick layer of Vaseline, then use plastic wrap to seal the lips, before putting the final with a warm towel, a few minutes to reach the moisturizing effect.

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