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Baking soda to brush your teeth can make teeth white?

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-26
Say good teeth good appetite, a white healthy Beauty machine  teeth, not only will make you fully enjoy the food, the most important is that people can look healthy comfortable. So, is there any way to make black even have yellow teeth white again it?
Mouthwash after meals
Every time after dinner gargle for 30 seconds, can effectively remove food debris inside the mouth, which can help make food dye discoloration of the teeth, help teeth whitening.
Gargle with vinegar
Vinegar is acidic substances, can help break down the tooth surface dirt, including the opening half vinegar gargle for 3 minutes, then spit it out, then forced to brush your teeth, and then washed with water, so repeated several times can effectively remove the dirt teeth whitening.
green vegetables
Eat more dark green vegetables can help whiten teeth, such as spinach, broccoli and other dark green vegetables contain a lot of minerals, the protective film can be formed on the surface of the teeth, prevent tooth discoloration.
Brushing cellulite
Orange has antiseptic effect sterilization, dried orange peel, research into Ximo, when incorporated into daily brushing toothpaste to brush your teeth, which can make teeth whitening, but also can make oral more fragrance, but also effectively Guchi.
baking soda
Baking soda is a weak acid, for exogenous teeth black curative, can effectively eliminate the soot, dirt and other tea, tartar, soot will encounter acidic decomposition, so with baking soda teeth whitening is a certain efficacy . Take appropriate amount of baking soda, add a little salt and water and mix thoroughly, do not tune too thin, then use a clean cloth or toothbrush dipped in a small amount of brushing side continued to use four days to remove tartar stains. When brushing, the toothpaste sprinkle a little baking soda, then brush your teeth, so you can make teeth whitening, Note that this method can only brush their teeth once a day, with more will damage the teeth .
Dental experts advise: whiten teeth with baking soda, using a number of times per day  http://www.taibobeauty.com/is not too much, so as not to damage the teeth Oh there is, immediately after a meal should not brush your teeth, can wait three five minutes and then brush your teeth clean, as the teeth is more! it is good.

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