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How easy Moisturizing the skin

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1, add water and vitamins
The dry season, the water in the body is very easy to lose,  980nm laser  the skin becomes dry and rough, you want to keep your skin moist and smooth, do not forget to drink plenty of water, at the same time, but also eat vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, crush within half an hour before bedtime can drink a cup of honey water, usually to try to eat spicy food, avoid stimulating the skin more dry and rough.
2, use warm water wash
Nose dry skin peeling, to use warm water to wash, hot water temperature washes away the protective layer of the surface of the nose, so that nose skin becomes more dry, and the water temperature is too cold can irritate the nose to the skin, resulting in nose the larger portion of the pores, blackheads increase, therefore, be sure to use warm water to clean the skin Oh
3, regular nasal skin exfoliation
Avoid nasal skin dry and rough skin, nose crush can regularly exfoliates skin, the stratum corneum relatively weak sensitive skin may be appropriately extended period of exfoliating, which can help remove aging skin, skin care products to facilitate better absorption. The nasal skin exfoliation is best to use a gentle exfoliating product to prevent irritation to the nose dry, rough skin.
Nose skin from drying how easy Moisturizing
4, the nasal skin moisturizers do work
Avoid nasal skin dry and rough skin, you need to do in time for the nasal skin moisturizing, skin after daily cleaning, apply an appropriate amount of moisturizing cream on the nose, and gently massage to promote absorption of nasal skin moisturizing cream to allow the nose to avoid rough, dry skin.
5, for the nose to do extra moisturizing care
In addition to daily facial skin care, prone to dry skin peeling nose crush, but also need to strengthen the nasal skin extra care, you can use mineral water or moisturizing soak a cotton pad, then deposited in the nose ten five minutes, and then use a little warm water to clean. Often with a cotton pad soaked apply moisturizing cream to the skin of the nose, which can effectively reduce the risk of nasal skin chapped skin.
6, do not tear dander
Please treat your nose gentle, sensitive nasal skin, usually do not crush to squeeze blackheads, the pores of the nose that would stretch, and secrete more oil, causing nasal skin dry and easier to play leather, leather do not go to the sky after tear, exfoliating products can be used to massage the removal of dander, skin will tear nose nasal skin damage skin, but make it easier for the nose from the skin dry, but also seriously injured Therefore, 980nm diode laser  be sure to resist the temptation crush their hand.
Warm Summary: a lot of crush in the winter are prone to dry skin occurs from the nose, this is because the nasal skin and dry weather caused more than a few nasal skin care must be done together, oh, to avoid the nasal skin drying, but also to avoid the breeding of pores and blackheads!

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