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Get rid of freckles at home has merit

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We do not know when to begin, veins removal laser freckles has been quietly on the cheek grew. Freckle go and do? Dare mess with drugs or cosmetics, you can try some home freckle coup Oh.
So, in the usual home, we can use those methods to freckle it?
First, tomato freckle
Freckle, then drink a glass of tomato juice every day. Or regular consumption of tomatoes. To prevent the freckle has a good effect. Because tomatoes are rich in glutathione. Glutathione inhibit melanin. So, pigmentation diminish or disappear. Eat a vitamin C and vitamin E, up to freckle role.
Second, the eggplant skin attaining
Imagine, eggplant can also come in handy. At home you can use a clean eggplant skin attaining. After some time, freckle also effective.
Third, lemon juice Magical
Lemon juice juice, stir, add sugar moderate drinking. There freckle effect. Lemon, rich in vitamin C. As well as calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. Often drink lemon juice can not only beautify the skin. But also to make, pigmentation, so as to achieve freckle role. In addition there is, wash your face. In the water, add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar. There lighten pigmentation effect.
Freckle, these household strokes are relatively safe and harmless. However, some people in order to quickly freckle, freckle will choose some drugs. This result is not necessarily good. Therefore, other drugs freckle, we need to use caution.
Freckle pay attention to what things?
1, long spot with the disease has a relationship, you should go to heal the sick, especially gynecological diseases, we found that breast hyperplasia, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation should go see a doctor.
2, sunscreen, because most of the wrinkles and spots are caused because of photoaging. So from teenagers should begin sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, sun skin care products are a good helper. It is worth recalling that not long exposure need to use sun protection factor (SPF) in the sun high sunscreen, general SPF15 is sufficient, use sunscreen SPF30 or more should be washed after 2-3 hours, because too high index products on the skin also has a stimulating effect.
3, sleeping and eating on the skin is very important, especially in sleep, even close their eyes meditatively 10 minutes Ye Hao, only if no oxygen, no water shortage, the skin will be radiant. At the same time you want to drink more water, more soup, eat more fruits, lean meat, eggs and of course the high quality protein on the skin smooth and delicate also help.
4, the summer should be appropriate to add sugar, because the kidney, liver, spleen and other organs need sugar, but these organs healthy woman, dark hair, ruddy complexion.

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