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Get rid of bad habits to have a healthy skin care

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Abuse 1: Cleanser Cleansing think it is the same,  980nm diode laser do not have to use a dedicated makeup products.
Analysis: The only general cleanser / makeup remover gel is sufficient if we all know, are often unable to achieve complete general Cleanser Cleansing purpose, then, you need a special remover products help?
The correct approach is: Cleansing is the first step, and then use makeup cleanser for dirt, oil and residue inside pores to clear again, you can make your skin more clean Shuangjie.
Abuse 2: dry skin, so you can not use whitening products.
Analysis: dry skin with the use of whitening products are not directly related, but be sure to dry skin moisturizer in the first place, in order to ensure adequate moisture natural metabolic normalization of the skin, or the skin whitening ingredients can not be absorbed.
Better approach is: better to pay more in the evening or night cream whitening cream, skin to fully absorb nutrients, in order to gradually whitening effect.
Vices 3: remover, always first direct wiped with a paper towel each lipstick, and then wash your face.
Analysis: Direct lipstick wiped with a paper towel, so do the lips too strong stimulation, under the lip skin capillaries would damage the long run will make lip color change, serious and even cause inflammation.
The correct approach is: lip skin also needs special makeup products. Take the right amount of Eye and Lip Makeup Remover on a cotton pad and gently smear your lipstick from floating lips, then cotton or paper towels to wipe clean.

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