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Facial beauty small movements

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As we age, we face the most easy to aging, laser co2   sagging phenomenon. One of the secrets to delay the aging face, facial muscles is to exercise regularly. Seemingly simple exercise facial muscles, in fact, there are many luxurious. Only a small movement can exercise facial muscles to achieve the purpose of beauty regimen.
Facial beauty small movements
1, upper eyelid levator muscle of exercise, to prevent the relaxation of the upper eyelid
(1) eyes open, so eyebrow upward as far as possible, stay for 5 seconds
(2) Then the eyebrows do not move, so that the upper eyelid down into the screwed up eyes, and then restore the natural state of residence after 5 seconds. 3 times every time.
2, both sides of the mouth levator exercise
Older people were often eight-shaped mouth drooping, facial expressions which is not natural causes.
(1) Light closed lips, upper and lower lip toward the mouth volume, will have around the mouth oblique, raise up for 5 seconds each.
(2) U-shaped lips, mouth opened as much as possible to both sides for 5 seconds. 5 times every time.
3, zygomatic muscle exercise
(1) mouth slightly open lengthwise, mouth upward as far as possible, until the formation of teeth and buccal mucosa space.
(2) for 5 seconds. 3 times every time.
Efficacy: Stick cheekbone muscle exercise, can effectively prevent the cheek muscle stiffness, depression formed depression recession.
What should pay attention to the facial muscles during exercise?
1, a facial muscles, the spirit, the body should be relaxed.
2. Check the mirror muscle movement.
3, focus attention, so awareness with the muscle activity simultaneously.
4, slow, sufficiently muscular activity.
5, to be patient and exercise every day.
6, at the beginning not to slam.

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