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Common Mistakes nine skincare

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First, alternating hot and cold water to help tighten the skin
Wash with hot water and then cold water  microdermabrasion machine  surface covered, alternating hot and cold can easily lead to telangiectasia, the formation of facial redness phenomenon, can also cause severe facial allergies, sensitive skin itself is the situation may be even worse. Wash with warm water is recommended because the warm water and the temperature is closer to the skin itself, it does not irritate the skin pores instantly Da narrow, but also helps cleansing products work better.
Second, no makeup to sleep
"Makeup is enjoying remover is torture," many "will die without makeup" makeup for women have such a feeling, so sometimes no makeup and fell asleep after coming home, this is simply a "shameless" in practice. If a night without makeup, skin care can ruin a month! Because remaining on the skin cosmetics not only adsorbed daytime airborne dust and bacteria, but also the accumulation of skin secretion of grease, if not wash them , after a night of precipitation facial skin will be blocked pores, acne appears. Therefore, no matter how tired you are, you should use a mild detergent to wash away the facial makeup, painted cream before bed.
Third, the long-term use of potent skincare
In daily life, many people have acne accustomed to powerful functional skin care products to an emergency. Because of these problems in order to solve some kind of skin care products launched powerful soon after use can play an immediate effect, so loved by the people, even some people will act as its long-term use of skin care products. But such skin care products have great side effects, not long-term use, it will be very easy to produce dependence, the emergence of various skin problems.
Fourth, there is no habit of exfoliating
As we age, our skin metabolism slows down, the discharge of metabolites will be affected accordingly, the time it takes to shed dead skin cells will be longer. These are leading to dull skin, aging is the main reason. Therefore, regular exfoliates the skin will be greatly improved. Once or twice a week exfoliating treatments can easily restore the skin young and shiny at home. And there is an additional benefit is that after exfoliating, a variety of anti-aging, whitening products can be absorbed better.
Five thick smear cream
The relative degree of moisture cream, and ductility are high, so not a great amount, probably in a mung bean size. This is why almost all brands are reasons 15ml cream content around. Also eyelid skin no fat, easy to absorb skin care products, if applied too much cream on the eyelid, not only easy to irritate the eyes, the skin around the eye to promote the formation of fat particles clogging the pores, making it easier to pull the skin around the eye because of the small lines more obvious.
Six eye without sunscreen products
The most fragile eye skin sunscreen project is often overlooked, many people look at the eyes of sunburn is enough to prove this point. It was also the face of sunscreen products applied directly to the eye, not knowing facial products containing SPF SPF, the skin of the eye is overwhelmed, the smear may cause great discomfort and even cause irritation. A pair of sunglasses, good quality sunscreen cream, can be used for eye concealer can act as eye sunscreen.
Seven, the skin susceptible to oil, so do not have oil skin care products division
For the love of women out of the oil, many people in order to prevent the oil fuel, refused to use skin care products containing oil, especially in the summer. In fact, the skin's natural hydrolipidic film by the "water" and "fat" balanced formation, when it is out of balance, there will be "dry" or "oil" of skin problems. When the skin gradually into the mature, the skin's natural moisture and oil will reduce, if not add a little oil, it is likely to cause skin lack of nutrition and wrinkles, dull phenomenon. So if your skin there have been signs of aging, you might do a daily supplement for the skin, while some of the oil in the oil control cosmetics (of course, easier to absorb non-greasy texture), in order to ensure adequate nutrition to the skin against aging.
Eight, avoid the oil, wash frequently
Oily combination skin oil secretion is usually not normal, overactive sebaceous glands, especially in hot, humid, sultry summer, the sebaceous glands is "overdrive", so it should not be too much to stimulate, frequently wash, oil and so will so that the already very strong secretion of the sebaceous glands secrete more exuberant, skin PH is destroyed, the more wash the more the more absorbing. Should choose the right balance of oil products, the best is a series, from cleansing mask to daily care products, rather than simply select the oil control products.
Nine, do not rub skin care mask after use
Many women believe that the mask belongs efficient skin care products, so use a skin protective effect can guarantee full days, no longer use the subsequent skin care products. As everyone knows, the mask do not rub skin care products, leading to the emergence of various skin problems, it is quite wrong approach. We women born more delicate skin, thin, need a full range of carefully nurtured. Day Toner, cream, cream, lotions, creams are non-rubbed essential. In addition, twice a week to do a mask to the skin to the deep care, skin care can play a better effect. Choose a different skin mask focus is different, do dry skin moisturizing anti-wrinkle, moisturizing oil control oily skin do, do sensitive skin replenishment of allergy.

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