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7 big mistake to use mascara

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Mascara, eye makeup at the time of painting,  veins removal laser you need to use one of Beauty tools. Proper use of mascara, eye makeup you can be more perfect, but if you use the wrong mascara, your make-up effects will be greatly reduced. After all, the common use mascara misunderstanding what are? Made the following specific description.
Mascara wrong way
1, in the upper and lower paste tube suddenly pulled eyelash brush
Paste tube excess air leads to clumping mascara flake - which also allow your mascara brush on easy caking peeling, and soon not be used. We should try to quit this bad habit.
2, from the beginning of the eyelashes mascara brush
Since the mascara brush dipped in the mascara brush if you start from the lashes, often there will be "flies legs" effect. Therefore, the best start brushing from the roots of the lashes. Brush eyelashes, eyes will have toward the front, from the root to the tip of the mascara brush, with "Z" approach helps eyelash curling. May be repeated twice or three times a mascara brush, in order to obtain the desired dense degree.
3, frequently picks mascara
In order to ensure the thickness of mascara, a lot of people interested in frequent picks mascara, not knowing to and fro pressure pumping action would allow more air into the tube of mascara, mascara dries faster, affecting its quality, making it easier to caking and flaking. When you pull out when the mascara wand, with a circular motion of the way out, and then scrape off the excess edge nozzle mascara. In general, once the amount is enough to brush over all the lashes.
4, the old mascara
To avoid infection, mascara should be replaced regularly, preferably every six months and again. In addition to health factors, the new mascara less prone to agglomeration, the effect is more ideal.
5, do not consider their own eye type
Mascara can play a role in beautifying the shape of the eye. If your eyes open share comparison, the best part of the inner corner of the eye mascara aggravating the amount, or at least part of the end of eye mascara brush. If your eyes are close proximity, it is best to increase the portion of the end of eye mascara.
6, do not brush the roots of eyelashes
If you use mascara carefully brushing the roots of eyelashes, your makeup on a higher level of technology. Everyone to try it. "If you do not have the roots of the lashes applied mascara, lashes will be shorter than it actually looks."
7, using too much power
The roots of eyelashes brushing too hard, "You'll mascara applied to the eyelids, eyelashes make people think you are in a speeding car painted cream." Use a cotton swab dipped in liquid remover excess brushing eyelash eyelashes cream erased.
These are the wrong way to use the mascara. When applied mascara, make-up with the correct approach to makeup, so do to get better beauty effect. Makeup is not difficult to know more about some of the ways and means of your make-up will be able to become more perfect, more beautiful.

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