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How to solve skin relaxation woman wrinkles

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Usually, we will come to be seen by  laser veins removal western blot face wrinkles will appear years, however, more and more young crush has also appeared wrinkles, especially wrinkles, forehead wrinkles so how did this happen? And how to get rid of.

In fact, not only the formation of wrinkles and age-related, but also with various other factors, such as diet, inappropriate skin care methods, lifestyle, too exaggerated facial expressions, etc., will result in the appearance of wrinkles. Today, Xiao Bian finishing a few big improvement causes wrinkles and improve methods for crush a reference, in the end how can it help you get rid of wrinkles? Come and see for yourself!

Causes forehead wrinkles

1, a lot of dry skin

When a large number of our body and dry skin when the skin inside the elastic net will shrink and lose elasticity, wrinkles appear in the forehead area, therefore, skin and body a lot of water, it will lead to the appearance of wrinkles.

2, malnutrition

When the body and skin, malnutrition, lack of nutrition and some crush, slim body, subcutaneous fat is reduced, the skin will appear sunken, skin sagging, wrinkles in the forehead area will grow.

3, often by hand rubbing his forehead

Some crush the habit of regular hand to rub his forehead or frown love often, over time, the skin will be stretched, it will become more wrinkles.

4, strong sunlight

We usually do not pay attention to the sun, the skin will be illuminated by a large number of smooth, not only the formation of skin pigmentation, evaporate a lot of water, but also can become extremely dry and lose elasticity, wrinkles will bring. And when the sun is particularly large, we often consciously or unconsciously frowned look of things, it will make the skin grow wrinkles.

Small way to improve the forehead wrinkles

1, get rid of bad habits

Want to improve wrinkles, first of all, the US and Russia are going to get rid of rice often frown, forehead and other touch gestures, any facial expressions too rich, often unconsciously eyebrow and some bad habits should try to get rid of, forehead wrinkles it can be improved.

2, anti-aging skin care products to use them

If wrinkles are gradually formed, then crush can be used in the middle of the anti-aging skin care products, which can minimize wrinkles, and enhance the flexibility of the skin and combat skin oxidation, can effectively prevent and improve wrinkles.

3, pay attention to skin moisturizing

Moisturizing the skin is very important, you know, once dry skin is very prone to wrinkles, forehead area is the same, in the usual crush Moisturizing care of them, you should be more to the forehead area Bubu water, which can effectively moisturize skin to prevent the breeding of fine lines.

4, adequate vitamin A

Crush facial wrinkles that require proper vitamin A, which can adjust the stratum corneum and epidermis metabolism, help fight aging and help remove wrinkles. Vitamin A is an important method for removing wrinkles, and can usually crush vitamin A from the diet, for example, eat more spinach, carrots, green peppers, pumpkin, animal liver, dairy products and eggs, etc., eat these foods can improve the brow of wrinkles, can also help improve other parts of the facial wrinkles. Multivitamins are essential skin nutrients, we need a lot of supplements to maintain healthy skin moist.

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