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3 strokes so you have firm skin

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As she grew older, facial skin will 980nm laser   appear relaxed state. This allows women who love beautiful how can accept, then how to relieve facial relaxation?

A beauty cream + massage: to improve the appearance of skin

After age 30, daily-Lift cream and cream with massage, regular weekly massage, beauty salon to intensive care, the result is a persistent skin moisture and gloss has been well maintained, flexibility is also good, but lifting and tightening effect is minimal. Because the compact class nursing care products to prevent and help prevent increased based. You know, even if more potent product, simply could not withstand a return late at night: sleep as long as a few days, apply a good thing, not the face or look baggy look.


Second, facial upgrade instrument: muscle exercise to help row edema

Face Lift device, exercise facial muscles through electrical stimulation, the muscles become strong, compact facial lines. When nursing, his face slightly acupuncture and obvious sense of contraction, as if an invisible hand constantly squeezes, muscles will slightly beat with the rhythm of the current, when the intensity reaches the higher level, even teeth feel sore . Done after care, skin fever, muscle on both sides of the cheeks faintly sour, a bit like the feeling after exercise, if there is water retention, after the press will be able to see significant improvement.

Third, the RF power: effective, but requires enough patience

Phototherapy, wave effect, it has been overestimated. Many people's minds, it seems that as long as the magic light sweep the face, neither any discomfort, but now "fundamentally changed." In fact, even the most simple to the stain, and perhaps should be repeated several times care, and enhance the compact class, the course of treatment is effective slowest of all, according to the different instruments and medication, the fastest two or three months, the slowest need up to six months, during which, according to doctors not only receive care recommended frequency, should pay more attention daily protection against skin damage again.

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