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30-year-old woman how to eliminate eye lines

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Smile eyes will appear fine wrinkles how to do, it is not that old?  veins removal laser So, how to remove eye wrinkles, can make them look younger it? Take a look at a method to remove eye wrinkles it.

30-year-old woman, eyes fine lines are common, but also that we should pay attention to the maintenance. So, how do we care, in order to remove fine lines?

Massage removing eye wrinkles

1, in order to improve the massage effect, you must first rub your hands and then rub hands while breathing while stroking on the eyelids, down about six times each.

2, followed by another with the same essentials eyeball each six times to turn around. Shiatsu again to remove wrinkles of his eyes "pupil liao."

3, "Tong Zi Liao" is located outside of the eye 1 cm, exhaled side pressed for 6 seconds, repeat six times. Remove eye wrinkles way there is a whole face massage.

4. The method can be used in cold water to remove faces badly bruised around the eyes and gently pat. If these methods with the use of acupressure and higher results.

Acupoints: When pupil liao acupoints can sitting or supine position, the acupuncture points on the face, eyes, outside of one centimeter (next to the outer canthal, when the outer orbital edge).

? 20 years of research dermatologist, 30 years old, or 40 years old surprise you: "In fact, aging from birth began, in skin exposed to sunlight, the air at the same time there will be protection against, and this is the aging beginning. "It seems that everyone must face wrinkle, even if you are less than 30 years old.


How the most simple to the eye wrinkles?

1, diet maintenance

Life, should eat pig's trotters, pig, pork shoulder, chicken, fish head, fish soup and other foods rich in collagen, can enhance the skin surface repair, make it shiny and full, while reducing the appearance of fine lines , the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

2, Gentle Cleansing

Eye clean is an important factor in the relationship between the level of detail of the skin. For eye care, the methods and steps up remover is also very critical.

You must use a soft, non-irritating makeup water, to avoid hurt the delicate skin around the eye. When remover, gentle gesture must be careful.

3, massage to improve eye fatigue

Moderate massage can also relieve eye pressure, so that eye skin deserves rest.

Office women at work, should be every 1-2 small light eyes closed to rest for five minutes. Available middle finger gently press on the eyeball, along the contour of the hemisphere, gentle massage.

4, choose the appropriate cream

Eye skin so thin, care in the selection of product should pay more attention.

General should use non-fat, vitamin e particles extracted from natural plant extracts from the eye repair product. So as to avoid stimulating the skin around the eye to prevent moisture loss, so that the skin under the attentive care, become tight and elastic.

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