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How to shrink facial pores?

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No. 1 recruit, beer contraction method
The beer is poured into a clean bowl, ipl beauty machine then use a cotton pad soaked in beer well, and then remove the cotton pad in facial pores of the site, and other skin fully into the skin and then remove the sponge, you will find a month pores slowly become smaller.
2 strokes, aloe contraction method
Aloe vera is a natural cosmetic agent, which combines moisturizing, freckle, and a number of pores in a cosmetic effect, it can effectively calm the skin, shrink pores effectively. Every night before going to bed to stay some time with fresh aloe juice surface covered, if you want to make use of the mask, you can also add honey and flour, so that skin effect is very obvious.
3 strokes, chestnuts contraction method
The endothelial chestnuts mashed pulverized, pour mask bowl, add the right amount of honey, stir into a paste evenly deposited on the face after 15 minutes wash with warm water to the face. Efficacy: chestnut leather shrink pores, and moisturize the skin effect, together with honey can also tighten skin, shrink pores more effectively.
4 strokes, potatoes contraction method
Potatoes are rich in vitamins, can maintain viability, skin reproduce the luster, and can effectively shrink pores, remove facial acne and sunburn, skin effect is very good. Wash the potatoes and slices attached to the face, you can achieve such effect.
5 strokes, tea contraction method
There are also tea whitening beauty, shrink pores effect. Every day after cleansing the face with a cotton pad dipped in tea applied to the face, and then the surface covered, remember after use must use clean water, otherwise the surface, such as brown to look good, but to protect the skin significantly.
6 strokes, cold-agent contraction method
To maintain beverages cold virus agent for pores is also a great help when feeling skin sebum secretion angle when the skin becomes very oily to the touch, this time we can come up with agents or ice cold towel, gently deposited in the facial skin,  980nm laser this can make an  instant tightening facial pores due to high temperatures and the emergence of the phenomenon of large pores prevent facial pores.
7 strokes regularly exfoliating
Pores sister paper must be done regularly exfoliating, it is recommended to use exfoliating scrub in the T zone and U zone is fragile with a mild exfoliating mask, although this method is more cumbersome, but it can greatly reduce the the degree of skin hurt.

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