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Summer Beauty few points

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Summer, the body's  980nm laser metabolism capabilities gradually improved, increasing the secretion of the sebaceous glands, if you do not pay attention to the protection and maintenance of the spring and summer weather has taken away your past and bright, hard forever, lose your style. Therefore, the summer skin care beauty essential. Summer skin care to a few, take a look below.
First, to ground water, keeping the water in vivo
Proper hydration drink fruit juice, mineral water, tea, etc., to ensure the body has sufficient water; often bathe, wash, make the skin absorb moisture and keep moist; steam fumigation can also be used to add moisture to the skin especially the face.
Second, to have enough sleep and rest
Maintain adequate sleep because the skin after a day of sun and wind, needs to "rest" to supplement the nutrition and repair cell damage. And ten o'clock at night until four o'clock, it is the best time to break the skin.
Fourth, we must often massage the facial skin
Skin care in the morning stick with both hands along the facial muscles, blood vessels go, slow massage a few minutes, promote blood circulation and cell secretion, increase skin gum and oil.
Fifth, to control the regulation of mood
Feel comfortable skin nerves are controlled by the brain, or if the spirit of good long-term stress, fear, depression, etc., lead to poor skin blood circulation, lack of nutrient supply, pale skin, more wrinkles, premature aging.
A compulsory homework: Sunscreen
Neck skin itself is drier than the face, so to avoid neck becomes dry, the first task is to do a good sunscreen effort. Usually daytime activities (such as work, go shopping, etc.), coated with sunscreen SPF30 is sufficient. As for outdoor activity or water, use sunscreen SPF50 there would be more suitable. When sunscreen products, in addition to the front of the neck, sides, rear and neck clavicle position should also take into account, as these are likely to be the sun burns the place.
Compulsory homework II: Moisturizing
This helps prevent neck wrinkles, fragile neck painted Moisturizer as it added a layer of protective film around the clock so that the skin moist and soft. Containing glycerin and shea butter skin care products can increase the skin's moisture and elasticity, is one of the most effective and widely used water lock component, you can also try using natural olive oil or avocado oil, directly applied to the neck, this especially dry skin who is particularly effective. Overall, neck moisturizing sunscreen care needs to be taken seriously, can not be completely face after facial care is thought to have it, the neck skin also needs good care and protection.
So, in the summer skin care, the most important thing is sun and water. At this time we choose skin care products, it's best to select some quality skin care products, which is more conducive to skin absorption. Skin care products are not more expensive the better price, just right for you, is the best.
Whitening skin care how to do
Blemish whitening products or topical products, just let the skin becomes more shiny than the original white color to a color number, but it does not mean that adhere to the skin can make unlimited use of white down. Just stick with the skin can become white skin and body regions most similar, such as the inner thigh, or obscured by clothing had not been UV hurt the skin.
Premise whitening sunscreen, the skin will only remain in a basic state, can we talk about whitening. Skin itself is black, if you want to whiten, it must be to prevent ultraviolet damage to the skin, 365 days a day requires multiple sunscreen products, repair damaged muscle, they must also avoid second degree skin injuries.
After washing the face, in your face whitening essence, from the side of the face to the chin, tattoo removal machine  lip weeks, open to the nose gently pat the skin completely absorbed, and then apply a whitening mask, about 20 minutes to take the mask off, you to see whitening cream + mask overlay effect a week for 3 times, clean white skin can be obtained.
Compared to other products, the essence of class products are more efficient whitening ingredients, salicylic acid, hydroquinone, arbutin, vitamin A acid, acid, etc. are all good whitening ingredients. Since most of the whitening ingredients have dark, oxidation resistance, and therefore at the time of purchase to select a non-transparent non stroll lip packaged products, so you can determine the stability and the effect of the product.

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