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How to eliminate dark circles men?

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First man's charm comes from the eyes 980nm laser dark eyes moving, everything is self-confident man flying charm where look. However the cause of stress, burn the midnight oil, smoking, drinking, unhealthy food, coupled with the external stimuli in the environment so that the phenomenon of aging and the passage of time as the skin is inevitable.
Previous research shows men after the age of 40, skin aging will behave very clear: eye fatigue, in turn leading to poor circulation of blood circulation around the eye, the eye appears swollen, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles ...... yet now many people far less than 40 years old, had come early aging.
So, how to deal with bags under the eyes of men?
1, the first under the eyelids evenly coated with the most to improve the effectiveness of the bags under the eyes cream.
2, hands on both sides of the middle finger in the eyes, forced to pull toward the direction of the temple, until the eyes are tightened up.
3, eyes closed and then opened, and then let go, repeated six times.
Man but also how to eliminate dark circles?
1, a temporary black eye against the most effective way is to use a clean towel wrapped in ice cold in the eye for 10-15 minutes, the eye feel more comfortable, swelling will dissipate, it looks more spirit.
2, put a towel soaked with hot water, wring deposited in the eye 10 minutes, can make the skin around the eye to relax; then, from the inside out massage the skin around the eye, so that the blood circulation, the black eye that is You may have to reduce the effect.
3, the overnight tea bags (green tea the best) deposited in the eye 20 minutes, washed with water eye skin, then rub the cream, massage.
4. Cut the potatoes into 2 cm pieces, each deposited in the eyes above about 5 minutes

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