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Woman oily skin how to do

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Whiten skin rescue thirsty
If your homework oil control efforts only on the "oil",  980nm laser  there is no rescue skin "thirsty" and want to say goodbye to shine is difficult to achieve. Many people think that oil skin with oil control products can, in fact, would only stimulate the skin to produce more oil, it is best to use OilFree moisturizing product, really no longer dry skin, the oil phenomenon natural ease. Grease problem is often considered proprietary problem oily skin. In fact, many women over the age of 25, there will be T zone oil, grease excess of physiological problems, but also because of dry skin caused, if not promptly treated, acne, large pores and other issues will be uninvited.
Spray maneuver breaking away from oil on paper
Light oil on paper, more smoke more oil, because this will give the wrong skin hints that lack of oil, and soon will secrete more oil. But who can not be a bit of a non-emergency, non-sucking? Better way is to use mineral water spray, which can instantly reduce skin surface temperature, reducing the oil, if you are a super skin oil, hold & spray can form a film on the face, help fixed makeup. It is emphasized that, you want to change the Tabby Cat, looking finish as much as possible light, too heavy makeup makeup also contributed to one of the obvious culprit, with a small amount of makeup products do focus on only partial modification and concealer.
Alternating hot and cold becomes shiny matt
For the love Maoyou skin, amino acids cleansing product is the best choice. When using alternating hot and cold method can not only wash oil control, will be followed by smaller pores. After thorough cleaning with warm water, then cold water, systolic and diastolic pores. A temperature under the action of a cold, the pores will not yawns deep breaths. Also, if you usually use the skin care products in the refrigerator iced before use, pores can instantly calm, slow down the oil phenomenon.
So moisturizing oily skin first thing to note, if only a single oil control, it will be counterproductive, so choose moisturizing products. You can also spray maneuver, alternating hot and cold method. Usually take reasonable oil control methods, Oil calm the skin pores from the bottom, it is possible to achieve a certain effect.

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