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Puffy bags under the eyes what is the reason?

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Bags means lower eyelid swelling, tattoo removal machine  eye skin is the thinnest face, thin and very easy to relax, it is prone to edema, resulting in bags under the eyes, bags under the eyes will be genetic, the greater the age, do not do pre-maintenance will become more apparent , lack of sleep, improper massage, too tired bags under the eyes and so easy to cause edema.
part1 puffy bags under the eyes what is the reason:
1, congenital eye fat accumulation.
2, poor sleep, work pressure, long-term eye fatigue caused by poor microcirculation.
3, with age, the eye muscle support force decline, sagging skin.
 4, the ability to reduce metabolism, excess water can not be excluded may also cause bags under the eyes, multiple high-pressure family crowd, night owls, women over the age of 25.
5, the spleen and stomach function, and can lead to the body of water, resulting in relaxation of the lower eyelid to form a pouch.
6, and detoxify the liver is one of the hematopoietic system, liver opens into the eyes, liver problems in the eyes of the whole performance, if the liver can not emptying toxins, will form a pouch.
7, can occur humoral kidney metabolic disorders, kidney deficiency, resulting in poor blood falling, bags under the eyes.
8, from Meridian, the lower eyelid down stomach, stomach pouch position the bearing weep hole and four white points lies. Humoral metabolic function recession, stomach function deteriorates, so bearing weep hole and four white points caused by blocking.
9, blood circulation around the eye becomes vulnerable to fatigue stasis, due to the blockage of blood vessels and poor return, causing the lymphatic metabolic slowed, so that excess moisture and accumulation of blood under the eyes, then the formation of bags under the eyes.
10, severely dry skin, every cell skin needs enough nutrients, long-term when the skin does not have enough water molecules to hold up, it will also cause the skin becomes slack, causing eye bags appear or worse. part2 elimination of eye swelling method:
1. Fu Yan potato
When up in the morning can be fresh potatoes cut into thin slices, then deposited in the eye puffiness at about 15-20 minutes to get down, for the elimination of eye swelling is very effective.
2. Give the eye massage
Get up early in the morning, you can give the eye massage, promote blood circulation, eliminate puffy bags under the eyes more effectively, according to a large extent can be a little better eliminate edema effect.
3. Use the special elimination swollen eye cream
Professional cream contains some nutrients can be very effective elimination of edema bags under the eyes, but the right to choose the right cream, using the right cream can not only eliminate edema can effectively dilute the fine lines to prevent crow's feet.
4. spoon ice
Tieshao refrigerator before going to bed, the next day you can cover the eyes with an ice spoon or tap the puffy bags under the eyes, it can also put a block added Toner on a cotton pad spoon, so not only can eliminate puffy bags under the eyes , but also tightening the skin.
5. Food swelling
(1) Apple jujube raw fish soup
Ingredients: 3 apples, raw fish one, jujube 10, ginger 2.
Method: apple, peeled to the heart stalks, cut into pieces, red dates, raw fish into fish fry yellow, add water pot, boil over high heat, then put all the materials, use of fire continue to boil for about two hours, add salt, MSG seasoning food.
Efficacy: This soup can cure spleen deficiency blood, prevent pouch production, eliminate dark circles.
(2) red beans, green beans, melon, barley rice are good to eliminate edema and other foods, and foods also eliminate swelling diuretic effect, both detoxification and eliminate edema and still lose weight.
Finally, Xiao Bian Tips: Drink plenty of water before going to bed but the degree, it is best not to drink water, drink and do not drink too much if, it is easy swollen eye the next day, before going to bed do not eat too much food flavors these are likely to cause edema.

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