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Adhere to drink plenty of water also makes your skin moist

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Adhere to drink plenty of water also  
ipl beauty machine  makes your skin moist
Today, beauty become a part of life, beauty treatments for beauty who never give up. In fact, the direct object of beauty care is moisturize, sufficient water, you can dilute the spot, increasing the sense of gloss and delicate skin. So, what are the secret of water it?
First, sooner or later, two cups of boiled water
Women do, at least a glass of water each morning and evening. Early cup clean the intestinal tract. Supplement the loss of water at night, evening cup is able to guarantee overnight blood not because of lack of water is too sticky. Blood viscosity will speed up the oxygen, pigment deposition in the brain, so come early aging. Therefore, the role of drinking water every night can not be underestimated.
Second, a tomato
In fruits and vegetables, tomatoes are the highest content of vitamin C, so at least guarantee a tomato a day to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C.
Third, a cup of vinegar
Woman or a little "jealousy" good. Three meals a day in vinegar can delay the occurrence of hardening of the arteries, has been repeated many times health knowledge, for women, in addition to diet, plus a bottle of vinegar in the dressing table, wash your hands every time after the first deposited layer vinegar, leave for 20 minutes and then wash, you can make the skin soft white delicate hand. If your residence tap water hard, you can put a little bit of vinegar in the wash water each day, it can play the role of beauty.
Fourth, a cup of yogurt
From calcium perspective, the woman is most likely a group of calcium, and calcium of milk is better than any kind of food, especially yogurt, more easily absorbed by the body, so women should ensure daily cup of yogurt.
So a female friend in the use of the product moisturize while you can pay by these secret, usually a reasonable intake of these foods to supplement the loss of skin moisture and nutrients, the skin can be improved.

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