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Remove the skin redness maintenance methods

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Beauty experts found that 980nm laser  many people have facial skin redness problem but do not know how to remove. Xiao Bian Tip necessary to remove redness, you need to understand and master the correct method of care, such as moisture replenishment, and so on. Homework to do the most basic skin care, skin redness problem to get maintenance. Next, the experts will tell you to remove the red blood.
It is how the formation of red blood?
The formation of red blood acquired mostly due to various injury factors formed: the skin epidermis is no capillaries, skin cell nutrition mainly from our skin epidermis layer provides a third layer of spine, spine when the layer of cells that loss, decreased nutrient supply capacity of its own. We have the ability to repair their own skin, then the capillary dermis autonomous upward expansion, help provide nutrition spinous layer cells, thereby forming red blood.
Epidermis cell destruction more serious damage the longer the time, the more severe transitional capillary proliferation, the more severe redness. When the skin is damaged 30℅, is spotty redness; skin damage 50℅, is linearly redness; skin damage 70℅, is reticular redness; skin damage 90℅, is patchy redness.
Bloodshot exactly how the skin care
Facial redness phenomenon mainly because of facial telangiectasia or part of the superficial capillaries position caused by facial redness woman face looked redder than normal skin. Often called the plateau or face red face or rotten apples, some just on both sides of the zygomatic redness, rounded border, the general was thread-like arrangement. This skin is thin and sensitive to cold, heat, when emotional face more red, severe cases can form deposits of stain, not only affects the appearance of beauty, but also cause psychological shadow to give a great deal of normal life inconvenient. For redness woman, first of all to maintain peace of mind, do not worry not to worry, just take proper maintenance methods, and combined with effective skin care products remove red blood, red blood can be significantly improved and desalination. Through personal intensive care, or even completely eliminate within a short period of time.
Red blood daily three measures
1. Moisture: facial redness occurred in those who dry skin, its dryness than other parts of the face is more serious work to reduce the flushing started from moisture, moisturize every morning and evening to seriously work been done. Choose a moisturizing product itself but also requires a certain skill, not chosen at random, a lot of moisturizing products are within the alcoholic ingredients, facial flushing and alcohol were disabled, so choose products best ask or the inside arm to try and smell to see if there alcohol taste.
2. Massage: redness woman, sooner or later clean the skin when you can pay more for flushing site massage can promote blood circulation and relieve flushing extent, but do not use nails to catch, targeted to do with that belly massage is correct method. For flushing the site can also do some simple natural mask increase supple sense, cucumber, yogurt, honey, are good hydrating material, but also because it is natural, minimal burden on the skin, you can DIY your own home.
3. Exfoliate: Many people think that fingernails can better clear the skin, it really is a great fallacy that we face is not so thick cuticle, fingernails will directly damage the skin, causing the skin more sensitive to easily pan red. Due to the cold climate of dry skin caused by facial redness, flushing parts of the skin which is rough, you can clearly feel the hand feels relatively thick cuticle, so often do work for exfoliating and moisturizing facial flushing phenomenon will have a good effect, but it should not be too frequent, once a week for the flushing portion exfoliating work on it.
The above is a brief introduction about the redness. If you have red blood problems, try these beauty methods. It should be noted that many people are born with red blood issue, this may indicate that the skin itself is relatively thin, easy to allergies. We are dealing with such issues redness, be sure to use skin care methods, and skin care products. Redness is not a simple problem that requires a comprehensive way.

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