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Physiology of how a woman should care

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Deep Cleaning
A few days before the physiological tattoo removal machine  state of the skin of the worst, dull, large pores, blackheads acne are looking for the door, this time you need to do a deep cleaning, you can use products with good adsorption to clean the skin.
Work to work for pay
Before and after the menstrual period, skin in water and oil imbalance, so the water should do more work, try to make the skin water and oil balance, this can reduce a lot of skin problems, you can do some clean skin moisturizing mask replenishment to the skin.
Simple moisturizer
Physiological state of the skin is poor, metabolic capacity decreased, so do not use too much nutrition skin care products in order to avoid difficult to absorb but heavier burden, make the skin more other problems. So do simple moisturizing enough.
Pay attention to the sun
Physiological sensitive skin of fragile, vulnerable to a good sunscreen to avoid sunburn generate stain, do not remember or do not go out because of cloudy days do not wear sunscreen, not just the sun can cause skin damage, UV on your the skin will not be mercy!
As little makeup
Menstrual skin oils more, more sensitive, if the regular use of cosmetics, can clog pores and not only, but also stimulate the skin, causing skin allergies. So the beauty of the girls menstrual preferably less makeup, if necessary, of the words are not large-scale heavy makeup in order to avoid deterioration of the skin condition oh!
Physiological thickening of the stratum corneum, is prone to acne, acne and other skin becomes sensitive, some people will facial redness. During this period, the use of facial cleanser with exfoliating effect will have a good effect, but be careful not to use too exciting products!
Maintain adequate sleep
During physiological dull complexion, dark circles more serious, should maintain adequate sleep, avoid staying up late, staying up late will make dark circles more serious skin condition worse.
Late focusing Whitening
After the post-menstrual period and the end of the week, the skin condition is  980nm laser getting better, not only restored the absorption capacity, and are much better than before, this time using some slightly nutrient-rich skin care products, or whitening products, there will be unexpected gains !

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