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Dry skin: lotion base and then apply the mask
Dry skin when deposited mask, ipl beauty machine   it is more prone to apply more dry conditions, in fact, the solution is simple, apply the mask before first use moisturizing makeup water base wet to the skin to enhance the absorption of the mask so that the mask moisture, nutrients better penetrate the skin. The more natural the more dry conditions apply would not be friends! (Ps: the mask over extended period of time will form a "suck" appears the case, under normal circumstances, apply for 15-20 minutes is recommended.)
Oily skin: cleansing + mask and then apply refrigeration
We all know that oily skin oil secretion strong, and oil will prevent moisture from entering the skin, it is best to use the mask for oily skin immediately after cleansing. At the same mask is recommended to frozen for five minutes, low temperature inhibit oil, fine pores, oil control more effective.
Sensitive skin: mild sensitization test product 
Sensitive skin should choose a mild mask and try to do sensitization before use, apply the mask must not be more than 15 minutes, and after rinsing mask is best wash off residual liquid and immediately make basic care, so as to make the mask effect into full play, but also reduce the chance of allergies!
Aging skin: cream bottoming thick film and paper +
Aging skin tends to absorb a reduced ability to mask first before using "open face", face coat Essence and massage, and then putting the mask. This aid will mask the essence of penetration into the skin's sense.
So, the next time we talk deposition mask, you can do some what?
If you want to shrink pores
Caused by dry coarse pores can be reversed! Method is very simple, after a good dressing mask covered with a towel soaked in cold water in the face for 2 minutes, while the neck with a heated warm towels, hot rolled. This approach can be effective against low-temperature drying caused, promote metabolism so that the pores naturally shrink!
If you want the eye moisturizer
While the mask is based on human face design, but used the mask of people know,  980nm laser  when deposited mask eye but it will be below the nose propped up a small piece of the space, so easy to dry lines long! Xiao Bian approach is to mask the rest of the bag essence, on a cotton pad and then gently deposited at the moment, eye skin care is definitely doubled.
If you want to pay Wrinkle
? When wrinkle moisturizing mask needs of most people, but how to play the greatest effect does this small series seen in a post on the hands and had a good effect method - take a deposited mask once of chopsticks, one hand pressing the edge of the mask, the other hand pressed outward with chopsticks along the skin from the inside, which can enrich the skin to absorb water, but also reduce the nasolabial folds! after rinsing the mask, you can use your finger massage nose promote absorption.
If you want to tighten the contour
If you feel you have relaxed facial contours trend, or if you want to tighten the contours, this little trick you must understand: You can pull gently lift along the cut side on both sides of the corner of the mask, mask and snapping mention pull the facial skin, so that in the absorption of nutrients to maintain skin firmness!
If you do not have special needs
If you do not apply the mask with special needs, do do not idle, the touch of fingers it. The fingers gently tapping with your fingertips along the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin) 10 times, and then in the opposite direction from the bottom up and then knock 10 times, repeat two groups after slide along the hairline chin, it promote absorption of the mask, but also detoxifies!
Winter transfer, extremely dry skin, you need to a mask!
Tip1: wash with warm water or steam to open pores surface
When the temperature is low, the body's metabolism slows pores will shrink to mask the effect of absorption of Bear has been damaged, there is a skill that is deposited before the mask wash with warm water or steam steam surface, so that when deposited mask, not only not cold, but also can make the face of the pores and promote blood circulation, so that the skin to better absorb moisture mask and essence.
Tip2: part mask can be heated
Heating mask is a smart choice, the general moisturizing mask at a temperature of 45 ℃ soak 5 minutes is the most appropriate. Class clean, compact class, the class of cell activation mask component is relatively stable when heated but good for promoting absorption. But it is worth noting that whitening mask Do not heat! Whitening mask because of vitamin C, amino acids belong to spend melted unstable ingredients, then apply heat equivalent to a white dressing.
Tip3: apply mask at a high temperature place
At a relatively high temperature air-conditioned room or bathroom deposited mask better, because this time the body's blood circulation will become faster, so the pores open, can promote the absorption of the mask. But do not put your face directly delusional heating deposition mask !!! heater such equipment, is not conducive to absorb the mask, but let's face hot air drying of water, drying bigger.
From the contents of the above, we can see, the mask of choice is very important, if you have dry skin, it is necessary to select suitable mask for dry skin, oily skin if you choose a suitable mask, not only does not play a skin care effect, but just the opposite. Apply mask while also pay attention to indoor and outdoor temperature. All in all, apply mask also talk about science, otherwise it will not play the desired effect mask.

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