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6 strokes to get rid of facial fat particles

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Cause fat particles are likely to 980nm laser  appear on the face because of the recent body endocrine regulation, causing the skin above to get a lot of grease. Plus the face when the skin has not completely clean, so the situation will lead to clogged pores, will speed up the fat granule formation.
Although only a needle the size of the fat particles, but it love grow in the eye, as long as you will see it in the mirror, make us feel depressed. Long fat how to do, get rid of the fat particles in what ways.
Method of removing fat granule
1. pricking method
Take a sewing needle, sterilized with alcohol. Then slowly pick open the fat particles, to find inside the thick white tablets. Finally, with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol to disinfect the wound to prevent infection. After the End pick Zhifang Li, shot in the eye to be more with fresh cream. However, if in the long fat particles too close to the eye where, for safety sake, it is best not to do it yourself.
2. Cucumber skin mask
After the cucumber juice into the juice into the bowl. Then into the egg white, pearl powder, flour into a paste, not flow down shall prevail. Wash my face clean, wipe the paste is tuned to the face, dry cleaning, getting on lotion, skin care products can be.
3. Daisy Beauty
Daisy rich in essential oils, chrysanthemum pigment, the skin can effectively inhibit the production of melanin, softens the epidermal cells. Method One: can be made from chrysanthemum flowers porridge Oral; Method two: You can mix smashed surface covered with egg white, can whiten the skin. Method three: the chrysanthemum petals into the bottle, after the injection of medical alcohol sealed after January, with 2-fold dilution of cold water on the skin whitening effect, especially for oily skin better.
4. massage oil and cream to remove fat particles
Eye is the place most likely to form Zhifang Li, to eliminate this part of the fat particles, you can use the cream. If you want to remove facial fat particles, you need to use the cleansing oil or massage oil. For the cream, apply proper amount on eye skin, gently press with the pulp, beat, and then along the skin around the eye massage, can promote the absorption of cream, note that the intensity should be gentle.
For the massage oil, apply an appropriate amount necessary to remove fat particles in the site, with gentle massage, slowly bring out the fat particles, if used in the nose, you can also remove blackheads. Using this method takes longer massage time must be sufficient, generally about 15 minutes. Note that this method is not often used.
5. detoxification method
Because the eye, facial fat particles, mostly because the relationship between the body's endocrine disorders, resulting in excess facial oil secretion, coupled with the skin is not thoroughly clean, resulting in blocked pores, formed a fat particles. So many people think to use some improving detoxifies capsule or detoxification effect of tea. In fact, the effect of these drugs is not good, usually only row poison and can not support color. Because of their efficacy and laxatives difference is not large, are toxic to the body of people excluded by diarrhea, we try down the results are not satisfactory.

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