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Skin pores how to do

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Pores how to do? How to make 980nm diode laser  large pores smaller? Make the skin smooth and delicate no longer a dream, shrink pores mask is a good way, it can effectively shrink rough pores. Today small will teach you how to shrink pores homemade fruit and vegetable mask, so you can not imagine the effect, to create your own skin smooth and delicate.
4 homemade mask lets you say goodbye to enlarged pores Jun
1. Papaya Pineapple Mask shrinkage
Ingredients: 1 small green papaya, pineapple pieces 1, 30 g of flour.
Homemade Methods: pineapple and papaya flesh together into the container, mashed, then put the flour is added puree, stir evenly.
Usage: After cleansing, apply the mask on the face for about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water, use 1-3 times a week.
Cosmetic Effect: This mask can effectively remove skin aging skin, prevent clogged pores, fine pores.
2. shrinkage lemon egg white mask
Ingredients: 1 egg, lemon juice, about 10 milliliters.
Homemade Methods: egg shell, the egg is separated, then add lemon juice in the egg white, stir evenly.
Usage: After cleansing, apply the mask on the face for about 15 minutes, the surface covered, it is best not to have a big face to avoid wrinkles, deposited after rinse with warm water, use 1-
3 times a week.
Cosmetic Effect: This mask can effectively shrink pores, increase skin elasticity, facial skin firmer, white.
3. Carrots yolk mask shrinkage
Ingredients: half a carrot, egg yolk amount.
Homemade Method: Wash the carrots cut into small pieces, then put together the egg yolk and the juice machine labeled mashed.
Usage: After cleansing, apply the mask on the face for about 20 minutes, can be cleaned with warm water, 1-2 times a week.
Cosmetic effect: this homemade mask pores can effectively shrink pores, it can soften the skin, fine pores, leaving skin smooth and detailed.
4. tomato orange mask
Ingredients: half a tomato, orange half
Homemade method: tomatoes, oranges stalks clean, semi split in half, the tomatoes, orange juice directly into the half from each machine to extract juice, sterile cloth to filter out the remaining residue, leaving the juice can.
Usage: After cleansing, apply the mask on the face for about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water, use 1-3 times a week.
Cosmetic effect: the effective convergence pores, to help tighten facial skin, facial skin to make it more fair and smooth.
Pores note five things
1. Learn how to correctly wash
Blocked pores, the pores can be filled with dirt and grease is not it? So daily cleansing, to keep the face clean is the most basic, is one of the programs essential to narrow pores. To pay attention every day remover and cleaning work on a regular basis once a week exfoliating facial. Most pores secrete more oil, use degreasing cleanser, thoroughly clean the face, preferably morning and evening wash.
Special Note: When excessive oil secretion, you can not help but come up with a deep cleansing mask, but be careful - a lot of deep pore mask first stretch, in order to penetrate into pores of the oil and dirt out. Therefore, we must remember that after "convergence."
Wash water after using the first warm and cold, we all sense it tomorrow, thermal expansion and contraction, cold water can effectively shrink pores. So good with warm water to remove grease cleaning skin before using cold water.
2. To choose the right skin care products
If you want to narrow pores of our face, then use skin care products when we should focus a lot of skin care products ingredients. Use some products that contain salicylic acid, EGF, moisturizing amino acids, collagen and other ingredients. They are for exfoliating, hydrating, anti-aging has a very good role, we will help shrink pores.
3. Focus on the face moisturizer
Moisture is very important work to do, when dry skin will secrete too much oil, clogged pores will follow, leading to more and more coarse pores, but also more and more difficult to clean, so be sure to do a good job moisturizing, skin daily drink belly full. In this regard, we recommend targeted selection of good water to apply moisturizing mask, cleansing mask apply regularly can also help shrink pores, once every four days or five days, each deposited 10-15 minutes, the mask over a long time if not promptly removed, the mask dries your skin will suck moisture Oh! after rinsing face mask note pat face help absorb the beneficial ingredients, if after supporting the essence to be evenly spread face.
4. Do you squeeze the facial skin
Pimples, blackheads and acne, these people will hand itch something you can not help but to squeeze, which is the destruction of the pores, so that pores reasons. So you do not hand to squeeze a little less injury to the dermis, make the pores become thick, packed into a bad outbreak of acne blackheads will still choose to go to black skin care products will be safer.
5. Do not stay up all night
Do not know if you have found, after staying up late are oily skin, especially the next day, each time it found that the pores and rough circle. This is because the skin does not get a good rest, staying up late a lot of time and the secretion of oil, blocking the skin to breathe, prompting the pores, so the skin but also the rest early.

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