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How to Care Lip summer

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Summer care how supple lips
Carefully remover
Even most people who are tattoo removal machine   not good at makeup, also use lipstick. A data suggest that the average makeup lip is a part of the longest without a good makeup, long-term accumulation in the gap lips lipstick lip skin will gradually hamper normal metabolism, so lip color deepened black, and even lead to lip Ministry skin texture deepened. The key does not have oil glands, especially the lips, make-up removing not clean, dirt does not automatically fall through the skin secretion of oil, over time, the lips will render the old state, therefore, complete lip makeup, is to create beautiful lips
With sugar scrub
Lips also have skin, so you want to keep lips supple, have timely exfoliation, use sugar scrub, the effect is very good, the first lips with a hot towel for 10 minutes, then add honey and sugar, then cover lip on massage for 2 minutes, then wash clean.
Honey Care
Want to have a toot lip, honey should not miss this natural skin care products, make-up before, on the lips coated with a thick layer of honey, and then putting the plastic wrap, wipe the honey after 5 minutes, and then coated with lipstick, you can make your lips become bigger and bigger.
Note the Lip
1, when the lips from the skin, do not be hard to tear good, with a hot towel to apply a minute or two until after the skin is completely softened, apply a lip balm again, and finally to cast gloss has a moisturizing effect.
2. After your meal, you must acquire a paper towel to wipe the lips of the oil, and then apply lip gloss or lipstick, which helps conserve lip skin.
3, often licking lips, Yaochun, or smoke, makes lip skin becomes increasingly dry, even peeling, lip gloss or lip will make it difficult to help spread the glaze, easy to fade.
4, lip relatively dense, it is recommended more use of gel-like lip balm with moisturizing effect, not only can lock moisture in the skin, but also intensive moisturizing, reduce pigmentation.

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