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Method dilute smallpox in India

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Method dilute smallpox in India

Dilute smallpox in India 1:  980nm laser acid dilute smallpox in India

Acid to dilute smallpox in India have considerable effect, acid can stimulate the proliferation of cell metabolism, so that a new leaf to dilute smallpox in India.

Dilute smallpox in India Method 2: Apply Vitamin E

Vitamin E capsules broken scissors, extrusion amount of vitamin E, coated in smallpox in India where, with gentle massage to promote absorption of active ingredients, and promote skin updates to help fade scars.

Dilute smallpox in India Method 3: oral administration of vitamin C

In addition to smear vitamin E, can also daily oral vitamin C, vitamin C and eat fruits and vegetables.

Dilute smallpox in India Method 4: Apply Whitening

Whitening essence fluid can be directly applied to the pox marks, whitening products have played down the role of pocked, gently massage to promote greater absorption of whitening ingredients. At the same time to ensure the whitening sunscreen every day.


Dilute smallpox in India Method 5: Use pock printed products

Using a dilute pock printed products, it is designed to repair acne scar products.

Dilute smallpox in India Method 6: exfoliating regularly

Exfoliating is also a new one to the old skin work, so stick exfoliating regularly do work for dilute smallpox in India also plays an important role. Exfoliate can remove old skin renewal skin, acne naturally weakened.

Dilute smallpox in India Method 7: the law of life

Long acne do not own squeeze his hand, after the scab but can not be deducted by hand,  980nm diode laser do not eat spicy food, to normal daily life, not stay up all night to sleep, but also to feel comfortable.

These are the small series of sharing dilute smallpox in India's approach to long-term adherence to see some results, which in turn must be patient oh but if it is not pock pox pit, it is recommended by means of laser surgery.

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