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Compression mask how to use water better?

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1, homemade mask paper nutrient solution
First select a container,  980nm laser pour in the container 10ml moisturizing lotion. Pour the water in the container 6ml Essence. And then placed in a container 4ml moisturizing cream or moisturizing liquid, and stir well. Open compression mask, put out a deployment of a good liquid. Mask will be swelling, we can also stir. Mask to be completely soaked, we put it to your face. 15-30 minutes uncover the mask, the skin will be water Dangdang, very Ay.
2, fruit and vegetable juices soak paper mask
Freshly squeezed vegetable juice, fruit juice or mixed vegetable juice are good skin nutrition. Use them to bubble compression mask can not only play the role of water, but also acts as a antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. You can be a fresh cucumber or other has a cosmetic effect of fruits and vegetables with the juice pressed into juice, then compression mask paper soaked in fruit juice or vegetable juice mask to be expanded in accordance with the normal method of deposition mask that is deposited with can; definitely see results, better than any mask.
3, milk, honey and lemon Youpao paper mask
Adding the right amount of fresh milk in the right amount of honey and a few drops of lemon oil; tattoo removal machine  wait until thoroughly mixed after compression mask paper into it, to be soaked paper mask spreads in the face, about 15 minutes after removing the face slippery long-term use of whitening moisturizing effect is obvious, remember to use clean water.
4, the make-up bubble paper mask
Leave the mask in a container, make up the water container with their own skin, paper mask to absorb water, swell off, and after a few minutes into the same size paper mask face shape. After cleansing mask removed, expand the mask gently deposited on the face. Wait 10 minutes the mask is dry, peel from the bottom up, then apply a little moisturizer to make the skin supple whitening.
5, latex foam mask paper
With a relatively thin emulsion to bubble compression mask can say is desert dry skin savior! For desert, dry skin, it just only nutrient solution to compare water quality bubble compression mask is no longer enough to their needs, and must use more moisture moisturizing nutrient solution, but relatively thin emulsion is a good choice. Here you can secretly tell you a little trick, adding an appropriate amount of the same series in the emulsion lotion compression mask allows more rapid absorption of the nutrient solution.

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