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Fitness no effect? You may be guilty of these errors

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Weightlifting is too heavy, at the wrong time to eat, 980nm laser  forget to warm up before exercise, for many people the gym is a minefield of mistakes, always filled with back pain and a beer belly.
1 you do not warm up
Plenty of warm-up will bring effective workout. Before starting the movement of each part, jogging on a treadmill at a moderate intensity for 5 minutes, and at least 5 to 10 minutes of stretching to allow your muscles to relax enough to meet the next movement.
When your muscles hard like plasticine same time, there is no warm-up began stretching or lifting weights, it is in fact tearing your muscles, rather than let them stretch. However, proper warm-up activities, make the body full of toughness and flexibility also means less chance of injury and better exercise effect.
2 a lack of planning
There is a common-sense errors: When the gentlemen walked into the gym, you'll see fitness equipment, and then began to do several sets of motion, plus a few push-ups, casual stroll laps, smooth handling of information about the phone, and then several groups do sports, then you can leave.
This process seems understandable, but in fact the first step is to develop a suitable fitness program, 980nm diode laser   personal trainer and work out your goals and clearly written down.
This approach is for you to reduce most of the risk of injury, after injury, usually from excessive exercise or excessive exercise propulsion.
3 dead lift when too reckless
Deadlift is a very suitable lifting movement of body strength, but it also has some drawbacks.
In the first exercise, when, in fact, dead lift is not necessary for you, a lot of poor people will shape eager to weightlifting, which is in fact back hurt too much.
If you want to start deadlift movement, initially to 10 the next best group, the weight of your body weight to 50% is appropriate time to do two groups, twice a week. Soon you'll be able to bear your weight with the same weight, so the process will advance to avoid most people will suffer from back pain.
4 do not seek help
In the gym, it is easy around someone makes you feel scared and embarrassed, but no one noticed you, in fact, hard for you to play to the best training effect.
To improve your physical condition, you often need to be physically close to failure. Seeking help does not mean you are weak and let others help you put equipment on your chest, you will in fact improve faster.
5 When you start the whole body shake
Another classic fitness disaster is to choose the weight, which is a manifestation of pride and vanity of the best fitness error, the most common is menacing muscles are, then you're not raising his arm, but back bulge postural sway, This means that you've lost control, was injured early warning.
When you are not 100% control over their weight lifting, then it stopped. Forcing their potential is good, but once the body started to shake when eventually you will taste the pain and cost of errors.
6 can not control carbohydrate intake
You need not be considered as carbohydrate sin, but when you take the time you need regular meals. If you go to bed before 21 o'clock you eat toast one side, and that these carbohydrates will be converted to fat accumulation in your body.
Carbohydrate intake is the best time in the morning or just after exercise, at the moment they will become energy supplement, do not let your weight increase. Remember also stick with whole grain type.
7 forget to record your workout progress
One thing Fitness and white veterans who will forget: record everything.
How much weight is weightlifting? How many times a group? What sports do? You need to have a fitness unavoidably recorded weekly review. This way, you can easily adjust and improve fitness in detail, but also to avoid frustrating stop period.
Finally, remember to take off your coat every once in a while taking pictures of a workout after a month if you find your body without the slightest change, we can clearly know there is a big error in your fitness.
Do not avoid the self only in the locker room mirror.
8 protein intake
Make sure you do not underestimate your body needed proteins, after all, it can help you stronger, faster and recuperate.
Whenever you 1 kg weightlifting, you will consume two grams of protein consumption, so the weight of 75kg person should eat at least 150g of protein per day.
A can of tuna contains protein containing 27 grams. If time permits, then select the steak.
Less than 9 rest
All muscle growth has occurred in your sleep, so you will need at least six hours of sleep (eight hours is the ideal case).
If you want to see your progress in the gym, you need 48 hours between each exercise a specific muscle group.
If you prefer, you can still train six days a week, but remember to allow for three consecutive days biceps rest.

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