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How 45-year-old woman to care

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The 45-year-old woman can say that this is a  980nm diode laser rather special age, the Western view of women to the 45-year-old began to enter menopause, and this will continue until 55 years in Chinese medicine respects men and eight women and seven, it is said that the growth of men and women cycle, women's cycle is 7, which means a big change every seven years, while the 45-year-old woman in the middle of the life cycle, change is particularly evident for the 45-year-old woman should be how to maintain?
1, to their physical conditioning period.
In this age of the female ovary began to decline, balance disorders, menstrual period changes are obvious, menstruation, bleeding, menstrual period began to confusion, which is often premenopausal performance, sometimes separated menstrual cycles will be a long time before to a normal menstrual period cycle is 20-30 days for the first time, and this age group may occur two to three months or even longer to come to the first period, the blood is reduced, sometimes suddenly no Come.
45-year-old woman's way of maintenance: To maintain their good mood to accept changes in menstruation, do not stay up late, avoid staying up late cause endocrine disharmony, should eat more beans, drink milk. When necessary, in accordance with the guidance of a doctor to take estrogen.
2, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
When a woman enters menopause, osteoporosis guilty people will be greatly enhanced, primarily estrogen decreases bone resorption increased significantly so that the steady decline, caused by osteoporosis, back pain which is often caused by osteoporosis .
45-year-old woman's way of maintenance: To prevent osteoporosis occurs, every day is best to drink a glass of milk, about 10 minutes of sun sun, more exercise, do not go to smoking, drinking,
3, the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
Menopausal women than men the same age are more likely to suffer from heart disease, because women's estrogen can help women increase good cholesterol, eliminate bad cholesterol, allowing the body's blood fat deposits decreased to avoid atherosclerosis, can let's blood vessels strong and smooth, but when women enter menopause, estrogen is reduced, and this will increase the cardiovascular disease.
45-year-old woman's way of maintenance: to have a good lifestyle, want to control their weight, middle-aged women should exercise, exercise can delay the atherosclerosis.
How 45-year-old woman to care
4, to ensure sleep.
Menopausal women is very easy to sleep, and this is mainly to reduce estrogen levels associated with sex hormones to inhibit the cerebral cortex, while estrogen decreases the brain to suppress weakened, people compare the excitement, when the two when out of balance it appeared insomnia.
45-year-old woman's maintenance methods: eat more food can soothe the nerves
45-year-old woman's care law
1, bath water is not hot, too hot water will wash away the skin surface fat, skin dry, dehydrated skin will be premature aging.
2, not to smoke. Smokers than non-smokers early appearance of wrinkles, the most obvious part of the lips, because the lack of long-term smoking moisture, because dried lips appear lip.
3, a day to eat honey. Honey is a good thing, containing antioxidants, tattoo removal machine  the content of antioxidants are even higher than green tea and vitamin E.
4, it should be of suitable makeup, hair will make you whole seems brighter.
5, blush and eye makeup is the key. 45-year-old woman must have cosmetic blush, concealer, foundation, mascara.

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