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Various parts of the female skin care method

Number of visits: Date:2016-06-16
First, Hand care
Only one-third the thickness of the back skin of the face, so the hand skin more easily than facial aging. Although the hand skin is thin, but very well-developed cuticle, it is easy to generate calluses. Therefore, every day in the hand skin of many things, you need to give more care and attention. Hand scrub, massage cream, hand cream, hand armor these orchids are essential skin care products Oh.
Second, foot care
Many times you do not realize you how bad your feet: the selection of high heels, your life when practicing yoga, relaxing foot when running sweat when they are likely because you ?????? carelessness two languish. Want to wear sandals in the summer of Mimi? Is the time to treat them.
Weekdays came back from break, feet first soaked in hot water for 10 minutes to soften skin and dead skin, or in the water a few drops of chamomile or lavender can help anti-inflammatory. Apply the foot scrub and massage to strengthen key positions in the accumulation of dead skin. Dry thoroughly after washing, then the maintenance cream or lotion massage. Finally - cleaning out the nail manicure knife slits dirt and polish with nail polish will stick out of shape you like. Alternatively, you can occasionally do the next film moisturizing foot, foot to a deeper level of care.
Third, neck and maintenance
Suiyueliuhen, due to the reduced amount of oil secretion neck, so rough, dry feeling increasingly obvious. MM who from the age of 25, to aging skin, revealing traces of the first portion is high visibility of the neck. If we ignore maintenance, then it is easy to fine lines with age covered neck. So on the neck skin care products, curd firming neck, Neck Cream and so one less oh. Before using these skin care products, basic sanitation still can not province. First with the nature health warm cleanser to go, to remove surface dust, go deep health. When care, with particular attention to practices, up from below the neck.
Fourth, buttocks maintenance
Hip skin is thick, rich sebaceous glands and sweat glands, consisting mainly of muscle and fat, cellulite and more particularly, it is prone to hip rough, muscle relaxation of the situation. Generally women age 20 to begin buttocks maintenance, usually sitting, cleaning, and many other factors may be the crux of the problem. Curve moisturizing lotion, Slim slimming gel, body milk and other products for firming the buttocks care had a significant effect.
Five knees maintenance
A nice knee can make your legs add a lot of charm, so the knee skin care is very important. And in our daily skin care process, they tend to ignore the knee skin care. In fact, the knee also need to pay attention to sun, but also to avoid unnecessary friction with the outside world. That knee conservation needs which products? In fact, a similar body cream, body scrub, body care and sunscreen effect on the knee is very effective, the key is whether the MM note.
Sixth, general maintenance
Skin care is not just the look you can use some skin care products, and want within the skin from the inside out young, pay attention to keep Nene tune. Thus, from inside the body and stimulate the function of anti-aging skin beauty supplements is essential.
Bright spring day, keep a good skin you really quickly so that the body skin to kiss the sun, feel as Xue Fu carved perfect.

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