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How to remove bags under the eyes?

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With age, staying up late, study and life stress, an unhealthy diet and so may have resulted in the appearance of bags under the eyes, some young people, but the two big bags under the eyes looks like a puffy, like Aunt fifty slack, his eyes no God, no amount of makeup can not save you! So every beauty-conscious women are eager to know how to eliminate bags under the simple way, you want to find a way to eliminate bags under the eyes, then in the end how to eliminate bags under the simple methods are there? eliminate bags under the eyes What is it? Xiao Bian today to tell you how to eliminate bags under the eyes of some simple way, after we carefully read will be able to know what is the way to eliminate bags under the eyes, you want to say goodbye with big bags under the eyes, you can be sure to seize this opportunity myself.

What method to eliminate bags under the eyes?

1. squinting movement

Upper eyelid and lower eyelid closed the awareness campaigns do more than 100 times a day, insist on this approach for some time, you will find bags slowly being improved.

2. drinking black coffee
Black coffee contains caffeine has a diuretic effect helps therefore to eliminate puffy eyes is very effective. Every day after breakfast drink a cup of black coffee, about 30 minutes feel puffiness disappeared. But avoid excessive drinking, women drinking too much coffee bad for your health.

3. cold tea
Put a small cup of tea in the refrigerator freezer for about 15 minutes, then use a cotton pad soaked in tea, then it is deposited on the eyelids, bags under the eyes can reduce the extent of swelling.

4. brine Fuyan to the swelling
Is the use of hypertonic saline eye compress to force the water from the eye of the eye drainage discharge. Add a teaspoon of the salt in 500 ml of warm water, stir it. Then gauze dipped in saline brine saturated with it, and finally folded gauze appropriate size, deposited in the eyes on it.

5. ice cucumber mud
Cucumber with heat and swelling detoxification effect, simple and effective elimination of edema, accustomed to staying up late people can bring their own some small cucumber, a chilled, apply a 10-15 minute puffiness after its grinding, you can quickly swelling. If you want to be lazy, with a small cucumber slice apply eye week is required.

6. alternating hot and cold eye compress
Attaining alternating hot and cold, so that there is a vascular dilation after the first contraction process, so as to promote blood circulation and help eliminate moisture. First the eye with a hot towel, then put on attaining a cold towel, so alternately left and right three times. Hot and cold compresses the time scale is 1: 2 distribution, apply at least five minutes, the effect is obvious.

7. spoon massage
Players will carry a small spoon, is an ordinary aluminum spoon, then sooner or later run out of eye cream every day, with a spoon to gently press the raised part of the eye, can promote blood circulation, relieve eye, bags under the eyes will feel improvement effect.

8. Gently press the ring finger
Before going to bed with the ring finger in the eye belly soft reduction central position 10 times, consistently every night to relieve swollen eye problems.
9. dimensional e capsules eye skin smear
Every night before going to bed if right now for a period of four weeks skin coating and massage with vitamin e capsules viscous liquid, can receive to reduce puffy eyes and reduce the good effects of aging.

10. pay attention to rest
Eye skin is extremely thin, and we often work busy for a long time with the eyes, skin serious weight, so we need to pay more attention to rest, closing the gap in repose, rest your eyes, or look in the distance or green eye section will get relief, of course, according to the eye in the eye gently massage the acupuncture points, but also be able to achieve a good soothing effect.
Remove bags under the eyes surgery

In addition to these methods can eliminate bags under the eyes, but also through surgery to eliminate bags under the eyes Oh.
Remove bags under the eyes are mainly two ways, one is under the conjunctiva incision method, first the lower eyelid incision method, two surgical methods can be removed within the various types of bags under the eyes and correct entropion.

Remove bags under the eyes one: under the conjunctiva incision method

Modern plastic surgery experts, under the conjunctiva incision method, also referred to as "incognito liposuction to pouch", mainly because of the surgical cutting method is hidden and will not leave any marks on the skin surgery. Such surgical incision using conjunctival surface, simple excision of excess orbital fat, conjunctival surface incision without suture, that is able to achieve satisfactory results, and eyelid skin incision, no stitches. However, this technique also pay attention to style, not everyone is suitable.
Under the conjunctiva incision method is more suitable for some skin laxity is not obvious, younger age, but there are patients with lower eyelid orbital fat prolapse. Typically, however, according to actual situation of individuals in a particular application part of the skin elasticity good in the elderly may also consider using this method, even after the removal of fat slightly lower eyelid skin relaxation, but also once again outside the eyelid conjunctival edge approach simple excision loose skin can be.
Remove bags under the eyes Method two: lower eyelid incision method

Another common method is to lower eyelid blepharoplasty incision method. Such surgical mainly applied to pure relaxation skin type, skin laxity and orbital fat hernia who were lower eyelid wrinkles, under eye liner too wide requirements wearers. This surgical incision along the lower eyelid at about 2mm, from the outside inward canthus canthus direction to cut the skin, open the orbital septum, so that orbital fat hernia, remove excess fat and skin, according to the degree of relaxation the right amount of skin removed, after 5 days stitches.

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