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Women easily eliminate dark circles

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How to get rid of dark circles?

1. Cucumber
Eyes cold cucumber slices Beauty Spa is a 
980nm laser  classic method, it can lead to puffiness and dark circles relieve inflammation. Dermatologist Dr. Janet Jieke Ning said that scientists have found that cucumber contains CucurbitacinBE, Vitex Flavin, Orientin prime and broom different factors other antioxidants. Cucumber is rich in vitamin C and vitamin K can also help fade dark circles.

Specifically: After refrigerated cucumber slices and then apply eye, helps to reduce the accumulation of liquid beneath the eye, eliminate dark circles good results.

2. Potatoes
Dr. Jieke Ning said the potatoes to remove dark circles effect may be better than cucumbers, potatoes, because "cold" for longer time than cucumbers. Potatoes contain a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients beneficial to skin health, help alleviate eye irritation beneath parts of the skin.
Specifically: the potatoes into the freezer for 30 minutes, remove and cut into thin slices. Body lying, the cut potato chips deposited in the eyes and dark areas at the moment. For about 15 minutes.

3. Green Tea Bags
Tannic acid in tea has astringent effects. Green tea bag with cold eyes can eliminate edema relieve inflammation, soothe sensitive skin. Many cosmetic creams containing green tea component, its role is to help improve blood circulation, slow down skin aging.
Specifically: the soaked tea bag drained frozen moment, directly deposited in the eye and under the eye, for about 15 minutes.

4. Avocado
Eliminate dark circles caused by dehydration, avocado (also called avocado) is the best choice. Avocado nutritional fatty acids can make dry skin restore moisture and elasticity, but also can stimulate blood circulation around the eye, dark circles relieve swelling symptoms.
Specifically: a soft ripe avocado, half a cup of oatmeal, two tablespoons of honey mixed, mashed, applied to the face for 10 to 15 minutes after the wash.


In addition to food, the following method can also get rid of dark circles.

1. Hot and cold towel Fu Yan

The main reason is because the dark circles generated because of lack of long-term sleep, lack of sleep cause blood around the eyes can not be normal cycle occurs disorders cause melanin, immediately after waking up if the heat with hot towels, with cold towels were killed, about ten minutes, dark circles can make the situation get good relief, and hot towels when to pay attention to the temperature of not more than 40 major degree the most appropriate, otherwise overheating temperatures will accelerate eye skin aging.

2. Fu Yan Law boiled eggs

First, we want eggs cooked with water, and remove the shell with a clean towel or gauze wrapped all the eggs in it, deposited in the position of the eyes, and gently rotated to the left and right eyes to keep about two minutes of massage time, and finally wash with warm water and clean it, this method is a very good way to get rid of dark circles, not only can play a very good maintenance role, and also their eye skin becomes very delicate.

3. After getting massage

After getting rid of dark circles is actually the best time, after a thorough cleansing, painted cream after the completion of the eye clockwise massage, gently massage the five minutes or so, so long stick massage can play a very good role in promoting blood circulation of the eye, and finally achieve the purpose of eliminating dark circles.

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