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How to remove crow's feet

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Good Eye wrinkle effect of which the severity of wrinkles can be divided into four kinds:

1, the slightest smile borrow

The slightest crow's feet, as long as the expression on the face do not see the lines, and only laugh when will be found.

2, do not laugh too little serious small fine lines

Crow's feet formal borrow, by the dynamic lines become static lines, even without any facial expression, eye end still a small fine lines.

3, severe cases do not laugh, deep wrinkles

Crow's feet getting serious, do not laugh, do not look at the crow's feet are very deep, concealer carries it no way!

4, the most serious eyes trigeminal pattern emerge

Not only is the deep crow's feet, lines end with a plurality of bifurcation, even if a distance can also be noticed!

Which is good wrinkle cream of what effect the removal of crow's feet:

The first step: Take the size of soybean ring finger in the eye cream around evenly coated with anti-aging cream, gently massage the counterclockwise direction. Then the ring finger and middle finger press in the eyes on both sides, slowly push Rouyan side of the skin, must be gentle with the ring finger of the other hand massage.

Step Two: When the cream has not been completely absorbed, to the thumb from the brow to Mei Wei, slowly and deeply depressed eyes, remember to stay each press about 3 seconds. Finally, the power of the thumb pulp pressed nose on both sides, in order to promote blood circulation of the whole face.

Step 3: hands palm temperature warmed Eye Serum, beginning from the end, with the thumb of the pulp slowly toward the direction of gently pulling the ear, from 1 to 5, and then let go. Repeat 5 times. Then the index finger and middle finger to gently pull the end of eye wrinkles.

Which wrinkle cream effect of how to remove wrinkles fourth step: from bottom to top with fingers gently along the orbit around, using the power of the pulp slowly Zhuanie. Zhuanie at the same time, be more careful Zhuanie crow's feet position, according to the time to pay attention to the intensity, the lines seem to disappear like all are pinched.

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