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Woman to master sun repair five law

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Rule one: leaving aside whitening care
Generally speaking, UV summer traffic, 980nm laser  do so in the daytime sun care while workin whitening maintenance is also very important, but if the skin in the sun has become unstable state, the emergence of itching, hair red, and even peeling, you can no longer use whitening products. This is because the whitening products contain high or low concentration of acidic components, or stimulate the already very weak stratum corneum, skin becomes more sensitive.
Rule two: do not rush to apply mask
"Prolonged exposure to the skin after exposure to the sun redness, the best way is to apply a mask repair." NO! In fact it is circulating in major beauty forums for many years and is regarded as a superior rule disfigured rumors! Redness of the skin subjected to UV rays when the inflammation may have been ready to go, although not at this time able to apply the mask to get cold of pleasure, but it will increase the burden on the skin between the invisible, and even induce pimples, acne or redness large outbreak.
Rule Three: Sun continues to go from
Damaged skin after exposure is best not to make-up, to prevent a situation aggravated by pigmentation, and secondly to avoid skin makeup process suffered more serious injuries. If skin redness want to use some products to improve the situation visually, it can choose a pure physical sunscreen formulations, particulate components such as physical sunscreens containing zinc oxide not only has the effect of polish, but also to repair skin damage, reducing the lead to inflammation and lesions of urokinase type substances, so that the skin back to health as soon as possible.
Rule 4: Away efficacy class care products
When the skin from UV rays redness or other problems, care process to comply with the principle of simple and efficient repair. Select a product can not literally but to consider, as advertised "repair" is not necessarily mild, such as some anti-aging products names are included in "repair" secondary, but the efficacy of these products on the skin of the sun after the repair not only ineffective but will increase the burden on the skin.
Rule five: after-sun moisturizer to fly
Sun skin will become dry, but the work must be rational in a moist treat. First of all to the maximum to avoid irritation, can not use alcohol-based lotion, in addition, after-sun moisturizer to replenish moisture loss of cells, taking into account the inter-complementing cell mass, repair horny barrier, so it is best to choose some of which contain ceramide ingredients moist texture, permeability good moisturizing lotion, cream or cream.
Repair sun today introduced five rules, as long as you strictly observe and use, ipl beauty machine   you can make after-sun skin repaired as soon as possible. Many people believe that sunscreen to the skin only in the summer, it is not. Whether it is summer or winter, our skin care, you need a good sunscreen.

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