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6 The most effective after-sun recovery method

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He went to the swimming season. tattoo removal machine  Because the body while swimming in the pool is not clean, and exposure to the sun, so the protection of the skin appear to be more important than usual. Because swimming the whole body is exposed to sunlight, so the most important body of the sun, the following small series details for you the most effective after-sun recovery methods.
Option One: add large amounts of water. Skin moisture after sun exposure has been a huge loss, so keep the skin moisture adequate skin whitening is the first condition, therefore, you need to buy a bottle of muscle water (spray special moisturizing lotion, small molecular weight, can be directly through the skin infiltration of subcutaneous), often sprayed in the face, both to calm the skin and moist. Into the room, please remover, ready to spray in the face without makeup. High moisturizing marine mineral water spray effect is very good.
Option Two: double whitening lotion care: lotion containing plant whitening ingredients can not only play a secondary role in cleaning, but also by the rapid penetration of moisture convergence and whitening effect to achieve, if you just use common past Toner, better to change it a special whitening lotion bar!
Option Three: 24-hour whitening: more intense ultraviolet radiation during the day, so use whitening products inhibit melanin production, and resist against ultraviolet radiation is very important. But if you want the skin to achieve truly perfect white, whitening night likewise essential. At night, the air will continue scattering small amounts of ultraviolet light, and cell regeneration rate at night than twice as fast during the day, which will continue to produce melanin, so the evening is further whitening skin whitening to enhance the effect of the best time, can repair cells more effectively, fully prepared skin, strengthening the daytime UV defense capability.
Option IV: professional whitening repair. If possible, try a week or ten days to go for a routine skin care beauty salon, under the guidance of the beautician select the treatment for young skin, whitening and moisturizing special care. Or use a week care products and whitening essence and essential oil repair series, please beautician for your operation and massage, effect may be better than usual at home a month results!
Programme five: continuing use Whitening mask. To get rid of pigmentation sun and skin whitening in a short time to change, we need to make daily nursing and nursing a two-pronged strengthened. May wish to use for the skin whitening mask every day to strengthen care, the use of shock therapy in medicine, mask the use of large amounts of whitening essence lotion, deep skin to be so strong absorption and penetration of the skin in a short time has been significantly improved, supple and thoroughly reply white, to achieve the desired color.
Program six: food regulation. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, inhibit oxidation, prevent pigmentation; vitamin B6 has the effect faded scar in addition to melanoma, and foods rich in vitamin B6 chicken, lean pork, egg yolks, fish, shrimp, peanuts, soybeans and their products Wait.
1. softer spring sunshine, you can use ordinary SPF sunscreen, generally around SPF15 is sufficient.
2. In addition to sunscreen, you can also try the Cream. Because not only against UV Cream play a role in isolation, but also isolated make-up, dirty air.
3. UV radiation can not only produce melanin, might as well make skin aging, so even if you are fair skinned ladies, each exposure to sunlight, you should use sunscreen products, and then wipe again every 2-3 hours. In addition, the water as sunburn, so for swimming or diving enthusiasts, every water are required to use a high sun protection factor and having waterproof sunscreen.
4. In order to achieve better sunscreen effect, preferably half an hour before going out to smear sunscreen lotion in various parts of the skin.
5. The sun is strong, it is best to wear dark clothes, rather than white. White clothes only reflected heat, but can not block ultraviolet rays. Black, red, purple cotton clothes is a good choice.
6. To avoid skin pigmentation, try to eat salty or spicy spicy food; a bar and restaurant in the fluorescent lamps containing intensity ultraviolet light, so go more places should do protection work.
Several measures necessary sun protection
To protect the skin, the basic principle is to not allow direct skin exposure in the sun, and use for skin, sunscreen suitable venue, coupled with appropriate protective measures, such as hats, parasols, long-sleeved jacket, etc., can more effectively block UV rays. In addition, the purchase of sunscreen should also take into account the water resistance and the use of the occasion, the intensity of sunlight sunscreen environment and so on. When your activity in the mountains or by the sea and other open areas, due to the reflection effect more strongly than other places, but also need to use high SPF sunscreen primes to block ultraviolet rays, otherwise often not consciously be UV rays without knowing it.

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