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Experts sunscreen sunscreen clothing really do?

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Today, the market will have  980nm diode laser a lot of sunscreen cream products, such as skin care products, sun protection clothing, and so on. Many beauty who are ready for their own clothing sunscreen, but sunscreen sunscreen clothing really do? Today, we let the beauty experts interpret for you in detail the secrets of sun protection clothing.
Experts, the principle of sun protection clothing is added to aid in the fabric sunscreen UV fabrics, some sunscreen fabric is the use of ceramic powder and fiber combination increases the surface reflection and scattering clothes to UV, prevent ultraviolet damage to the human body through the fabric skin.
Some Internet users to ask questions, commercially available from sun protection clothing prices from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, prices vary widely. Someone wearing a low-grade sunscreen clothing realize prickly heat, how is this going? How to tell what effect a good sun protection clothing?
Experts give answers to users questions. She said that not only a good sunscreen cloth UV protection, but also will lead to rapid sweat fabric surface, and soon dried; poor quality fabric is moisture, poor ventilation, long wearing easy to feel discomfort or even cover the prickly heat. "Over the last two years on the market a variety of dazzling sun protection clothing, price varies widely. Some clothes sun protection clothing banner banner is actually made of ordinary cloth. People should try to buy the regular brand to buy, its signs material should be clearly marked clothing, sunscreen parameters. "
Experts believe that the effect of sunscreen dark clothes better. "Sun protection fabric is superior to any ordinary sunscreen, sunscreen and sun protection effect is better than ordinary cloth fabric, but added sunscreen additive fabric after repeated washing, sunscreen effect will be reduced."
Experts, the ordinary cloth, the color, the darker the color, the higher the UV protection properties, such as black; on the texture, the chemical fiber, polyester than nylon, nylon and rayon better than silk.
"To achieve good protection from the sun in summer, try not to for a long time in outdoor activities. Strong sunshine, a short time to go out if it is recommended to wear sunscreen, playing beach umbrella, wear a hat and sunglasses if prolonged outdoor activity should be considered wear sun protection clothing, sunscreen while taking a variety of ways to combine the sun during the summer but also pay attention to eating sensitive foods (parsley, celery, leek, fennel, etc.), eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and nuts, sun to pay, whitening repair products. "
So, buy good quality sun protection clothing, sun protection will have a definite effect, but if you only use it to the sun, or not comprehensive enough. Beauty experts suggest that you need to develop a full-sun skin care program, so as to make your skin not to be the invasion of ultraviolet light.

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