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Basic classification of laser beauty

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1: The laser can be divided according to their medium:
① solid-state laser; ② gas laser; ③ liquid laser; ④ semiconductor laser.
The advent of laser cosmetic plastic surgery fields to provide a new technical treatments, but also solve many of the problems can not be solved in the conventional treatment methods. But most cosmetic laser equipment for its sophisticated technology, the price is expensive, only in recent years to enter China's medical industry.
Laser is by interacting with the organization to achieve its functions. According to the organization which will be converted into laser energy, laser divided;
① photothermal effect: Organization of the laser light into heat energy, different tissues have different absorption coefficients, a particular wavelength of the laser can be absorbed by certain groups, which is the root cause of a high selectivity of the laser, such as laser cutting fine, bleeding and facial wrinkles, etc;
② light burst Effect: The pulse laser can produce high impact shock wave, can burst with crushed tissue, such as laser damage pigment particles;
③ photochemical effect; tissue laser is converted to chemical energy, chemical decomposition. Such as ArF excimer laser corneal distortion correction;
④ photodynamic effect: for the treatment of tumors.
2: Press to use laser beauty can be divided into:
(1) a variety of laser removal of facial skin pigmentation, such as melanoma (moles and tattoos), red pigment (hemangioma);
(2) laser to remove moles, warts, pimples, neoplasm, benign tumors and other skin blemishes;
(3) laser permanent removal of unwanted body hair;
(4) laser removal of facial wrinkles;
(5) be replaced by a laser scalpel knife to carry out fine, minimally invasive, bloodless plastic surgery.

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