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Laser hair removal misunderstanding

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1, laser hair removal is not safe
Laser hair removal is a very safe method of hair removal: targeted, the human body without side effects, almost nothing on the skin.
2, laser hair removal considerations
Do laser hair removal should be noted that the epilation site before one week of treatment and two weeks after treatment, sunscreen, hair removal site should not be done before treatment two weeks plucking, waxing and electrolysis hair removal.
3, the number of laser hair removal needs
Laser hair removal typically requires three to six times, mainly to two factors: First, the hair follicles are mostly tied together in groups of three, in the same opening the pores, the pores in a hair below it is a set of three follicles a hair follicle to grow hair, so a treatment can only destroy a group of a hair follicle; second, to go through the growth phase of hair growth, catagen, telogen, hairs in the growing season to do laser hair removal is 75% effective, catagen 25% telogen almost ineffective.
4, will not affect the sweat after laser hair removal
Laser removal laser melanin within the hair follicle only play a role, but no sweat glands melanin absorbs the laser power and therefore does not damage the sweat glands, and no other adverse effects on the human body. So it will not affect the sweat of laser hair removal.
5, laser hair removal if there is damage to the skin
Human skin is a relatively opaque structure, plastic surgery expert clinical trials found that, in the face of powerful laser, the skin is simply a transparent cellophane, thus laser can be very smooth the hair follicle deep through the skin, since the hair follicle has a lot of melanin, they are able to preferentially absorb a large amount of laser energy and eventually converted into heat, so that the hair follicle temperature, to destroy the hair follicles purposes. In this process, because the skin does not absorb the laser energy relative, or a very small amount of laser energy absorbed, so the skin itself does not have any damage.

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