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Laser hair removal will affect the sweat it?

Number of visits: Date:2016-04-11
Hot summer, you want to wear beautiful bikini, but exposed armpits annoying, so many people will choose laser hair removal this relatively safe and fast way to change the image. Laser hair removal equipment hair removal has become a beauty salon to get more customer choice, but there is still a question of people's minds: the instrument off after laser treatment for perspiration influential?
Laser hair removal is the use of laser instrument of selective photothermolysis, rationally regulate good laser penetrates the skin surface to reach the hair follicles, light energy into heat energy partial destruction of the hair follicle, and then complete the permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal is the most safe and convenient way to lasting hair removal, no damage to the skin, nor will it affect the sweat. Most customers reflect the laser hair removal treatment without pain, a small part of the customer feel a slight itching in the assassination of laser hair removal treatment process, for different parts of the skin's tolerance is not the same degree of pain felt is not the same.
Laser hair removal instrument is an absolute guarantee of safety. In general, the unique broad spectrum light generated corresponding to the photothermal effect of different colors, different textures and different depths hair can effectively avoid the normal skin absorption of light of a single wavelength. After hair removal treatment, the skin color of some customers may be somewhat deeper, but will all subside in about 2-3 weeks. Will not be a permanent skin color change, it will not cause scarring. But everyone body is different, fade time is not very different.
Laser hair removal beauty instrument affect the sweat it? Beauty equipment experts, pore size and the degree of secretion of the sebaceous glands of a relationship, excessive oil secretion, causing hair follicles or not pay attention to clear blockage, etc., can cause large pores. At this point the instrument and laser hair removal treatment, the hair root is destroyed, there is no body hair pores, small pores but will be more than ever, the skin will become smooth and delicate, so do not shed large pores thicker, but becomes thinner small, so that the skin smooth and delicate role. Therefore, laser hair removal beauty equipment will not affect the sweat. We can rest assured that the choice of laser hair removal treatment.

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