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Principles and advantages of laser wrinkle

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Laser wrinkle, also known as friction laser surgery, laser resurfacing, laser vaporization in an instant that the target tissue, minimal thermal damage to normal skin, laser wrinkle can effectively improve facial skin laxity, remove deep wrinkles, so that the whole face promotion.
Laser wrinkle by computer-controlled, low-energy carbon dioxide laser, can accurately control the depth of vaporization of the skin surface, complete vaporization layered, carbon-free facial wrinkle skin care technology. Eliminate wrinkles laser technology for laser technology used in clinical later, and after several improvements, and improve after constantly updated results. Laser technology for eliminating wrinkles is now quite mature.
Laser wrinkle principle
The main reason for wrinkles is to reduce skin collagen, thinning of the dermis. Using the latest laser - United Technologies RF exposure to the skin, thickening of the dermis can reduce wrinkles, the principle is: to stimulate collagen layer damaged, generate new collagen, which fill wrinkles due to a decrease in collagen skin; heating dermis layer, using the body's own repair functions to stimulate tissue regeneration, reconstruction, so that thickening of the dermis.
Rational design of the laser through the skin melanin, hemoglobin, especially water absorbed laser energy is released, and the photothermal effect to convert it to generate heat, which activates dermal fibroblasts and other stromal cells produce new collagen, elastin and various inter-cellular matrix and tissue remodeling occurs, like a lazy skin to do sports, to make it through exercise and renewed youthful vigor. Skin moisture and elasticity increase several times after treatment, improving texture, reducing fine wrinkles.
Laser wrinkle advantage
1, laser resurfacing wrinkle can accurately control the scope and depth;
2, the heat generated by the laser can be a closed vessel, the wound dry, greatly reducing the chance of infection and accelerate healing;
Third, the ability of the laser to penetrate the skin several times higher than the acid will make collagen shrinkage, so that loose skin tightening, stronger than AHA peels.
4, effectively prevent heat damage and other side effects, and can facilitate the healing process of the skin, the beauty who can resume normal activities in a shorter period of time;
5, rapid improvement in skin texture, firm skin, improve large pores, skin water smooth and delicate.
Laser wrinkle effect
Effectively improve facial skin laxity, remove deep wrinkles, so that the whole face lift;
Get rid of forehead lines, frown lines, eye lines, nasolabial lines, neck wrinkles, hand wrinkles and stretch marks. After a course of treatment, the average wrinkles diminish to 55 %% 35 %%, after 90 days to achieve the best effect;
Effectively eliminate all kinds of printed spots, redness and shrink pores, to achieve the rejuvenation effect.
Laser wrinkle Features
1, laser wrinkle treatment of mild, painless. Without anesthesia, a slight burning sensation; without treatment follow-up care. It can make immediately after laser wrinkle.
2, laser wrinkle short time. A treatment for about 30 minutes, without having to leave, go with the rule.
3, laser wrinkle safety. Operation skin damage, the organization does not have any trauma.
4, laser wrinkle no side effects. No scars, no pigmentation.

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