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Preparation and precautions laser wrinkle surgery

Number of visits: Date:2016-04-12
Laser wrinkle smart skin cooling system and digital control technology, can effectively control the RF energy and skin temperature during surgery is very safe, but without any pain, preoperative according to individual circumstances, good design surgical treatment, laser wrinkle ensure safety and effectiveness.
Laser treatment itself is safe, and can treat any part of the body, indications including acne scars, fade eliminate stains, surgical scars, wrinkles and so on, is the most common of the most popular method of treatment.
Preoperative preparation
1. Before laser wrinkle surgery, the patient is best to do a body check to see itself is not suffering from a condition not suitable for laser surgery to ensure that lifting effect while ensuring its own security.
2, and doctors performed a detailed conversation, let the doctor know your medical history, and you wrinkle effect requirements.
3, choose a formal professional hospital and an experienced doctor, so the effect is assured wrinkle, wrinkle safety also have a good guarantee.
Postoperative care
1, reduce pain: To ease the pain immediately after surgery available impregnated with 2% lidocaine topical gauze.
2, reduce edema: If the patient during surgery that is found to have significant edema (often found in periorbital), can be applied after dexamethasone 10mg, may be short-term oral corticosteroids reduce postoperative swelling.
3, to prevent infection: oral antiviral, broad-spectrum antibiotics and antifungal agents.
4, wound treatment: surgery at home and abroad in more use of bio-synthetic semipermeable dressing or traditional dressings reduce postoperative symptoms, known as closed-end method. It can also be simply topical antibiotic ointment, called open-therapy. Regardless of the method, we should have good absorption of wound exudate and moisturizing effect, to make quicker wound healing, and postoperative pain relief. Should choose to use a closed or open approach depending on the circumstances.
1, if the scope of the injection of hyaluronic acid treatment in the last six months, collagen, please inform the physician.
2, if the range of treatment had injected artificial fillers, such as silica gel is not recommended for treatment.
3, heart disease, means having a pacemaker and pregnant women is not recommended for treatment.
4, the treatment of the body is prohibited to wear any metal objects.
5, the day of treatment do not make-up, or before cleaning facial treatment.

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