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Facial acne laser surgery Considerations

Number of visits: Date:2016-04-13
Preoperative preparation
1, the former by the surgeon and the doctor should be comprehensive in-depth conversation laser acne, doctors should be aware of the patient's facial funny, funny for laser tattoo removal and other expectations are realistic.
2, check the physical health: except for possible heart, lung, liver, blood and other medical conditions, previous history of surgery, medication history, allergies and so on.
3, the laser cured funny one week ago to stop drinking, disable aspirin, vitamin E and other vasodilators.
4, laser tattoo removal before tease must maintain an optimistic mood, often wash the face, in order to maintain a clean face.
Postoperative care
1, to pay attention to facial skin, because the laser acne at some time, will face relatively dry moisture at this time is also easy to lose face, so to ensure that the skin moisture.
2, although the symptoms eased acne, facial skin but also more delicate this time, it is vulnerable to the pigment, so pay attention to the sun.
3, to prevent acne after infection, the treatment of certain parts of protection against infection, acne rebound.
First, pregnant women.
Second, light allergy, sensitivity to light and those who used light sensitive drugs (retinoids, tetracycline, etc.) people.
Third, high blood pressure, diabetes.
Fourth, long-term use of certain psychotropic substance abusers.
Fifth, taking anti-inflammatory drugs, antihypertensive drugs are.
Sixth, there is sun exposure by 2 weeks.
Seven, the surface has inflammation.
Eight, expectations are too high for surgery is not recommended for those who do.
1, diet: Youzha foods, sugars, fatty foods, spicy foods and alcohol to eat less, eat more vegetables, fruits and foods containing cellulose, prevent dry stool.
2, relax the spirit, so that the law of life, avoid excessive stress or fatigue caused by endocrine disorders.
3, do not advocate long-term use oily cosmetics, because they can clog pores produce. Some oils on the skin will also have a stimulus, such as oleic acid, vegetable oils (especially impure persons), some beauty cosmetics also have a long-term application. After suffering from acne Some people mistakenly think that will cure acne wash several times, too many times the actual cleaning itself can produce acne. Some antibacterial soaps have induced acne compounds (eg chlorophenols), so there are those who use acne cosmetics must be careful.
4, can not face the long-term use of cosmetics and medicines with hormones.
5, to squeeze acne under the guidance of doctors, especially in the triangle area.
6, usually keep the skin clean, which is the most important part of skin care. Application of natural herbal skin care is the most cost-effective, it is multi-functional skin care products, can fully conditioning the skin, increase skin resistance to disease.
7, do not always wash face wash 2 times a day are you must abide by the rules. Often wash your face, will instead stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands, because once fat skin surface is washed, sebaceous glands must be "overtime" work for his natural protection function, this way, the sebaceous glands become more frizzy, more and more lively.
8, do not use scrub and scrub and astringent astringent will over-stimulate the skin, worsening already inflamed skin condition, but also intensify the secretion of the sebaceous glands, making the situation worse. In addition, the restraining water can make the pores, allowing the already clogged pore openings smaller.
9, do not pull, squeeze, acne acne each life cycle, are only a short 3-4 day, the hour is up, it will disappear or purulent out, if the hand or tools to extrusion , not only does not help, but because of the hands of secondary infections caused by bacteria, or by pressing the force, causing subcutaneous bleeding, must leave 4-6 weeks to disappear scar. In addition, because of the wound pull squeeze caused by repeated stimulation, the proliferation of skin result, forming raised scars.
10, do not smoke nicotine in cigarettes microvessel wall shrinks, the blood and lymph accumulation of toxins, reoxygenation of skin cells is reduced, thus weakening the skin's ability to heal, acne is easy to form cross-infection of the wound.
11, eat spicy. Fried, high calorie food though, these foods does not directly cause the formation of acne. But it will "deteriorate" acne condition, because these foods can increase the load capacity of the heart, and reduce quality of vitamin K in the blood, indirectly induce the formation of acne.

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