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Advantages and principles of laser freckle

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The principle of laser freckle treatment instrument laser energy emitted by very smoothly penetrate the skin lesions into the lesion site, and pigment lesion site for treatment. Freckles and pigmentation changes may occur in the strong laser irradiation, then dissipate on their own, resulting in a cure. The dye laser is not forced to lift off, but through the skin treatment, but does not care to take care of after treatment, then will leave scars, and because selective that it only acts on the pigment granules and no damage to normal skin .
Laser therapy targeted, freckle effect is obvious, immediate, side effects are minor, but easy to leave marks, but the need to pay attention to long-term postoperative care and sun protection, moisturizing skin care is especially important to pay attention to.
1. fast freckle effect.
2. while improving various skin blemishes.
3. Remove spots, skin whitening, eliminate small wrinkles.
4. do not need hospitalization.
5. Do not bleeding, trauma light.
Before treatment
1, patients go to the hospital to do a physical examination to ensure that he did not harm laser.
2, need a clean skin, so before doing the best for the laser treatment site clean.
3, generally before we do laser certainly has to choose to do a better hospital laser treatment, so it is possible to do laser treatment to prepare well in advance, of course, choose a good hospital, the doctor must also be about understanding, most good conduct is about communication, to know more about this thing.
After treatment
1, after laser freckle treatment, the site will have a burning sensation or a small amount of blood, do not worry too much. After the scab will produce, without special treatment, usually scab off on their own in 7-10 days, be careful not to force the removal of scabs.
2, just after the laser treatment, facial movements should be gentle, do not use harsh skin care products.
3, due to personal physical different reactions and different skin condition, laser treatment, the individual may be some degree of swelling phenomenon can be used to ease the ice way.
4, just finished freckle treatment area will be very sensitive to sunlight, pay attention to sun after treatment within three to six months, to avoid the deposition of pigment.
5, the face ban water within a week, only with a cotton swab dampened with water carefully wipe the eye contour area to avoid bacterial infection.
6, the affected area should wipe erythromycin or repair factors to accelerate skin repair day.
7, to Zun doctor.

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