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Laser freckle steps and for the crowd

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Laser freckle steps and for the crowd
a suitable group
Freckles: small tip to the grain about brown spots scattered in the cheeks and nose, general childhood there, and always present.
Mole: Most of the gradual emergence of puberty, a few to a few dozen, large tip to the grain brown or black flat spots or pimples projections, mainly in the face and neck.
Zygomatic mole: after puberty gradually appear on both sides of the cheekbones or two outside of the bottom of the gray-blue needle to the grain size of the cluster spots, a small number of patients have familial inheritance.
Liver spots: After 25 years of increasing brown spots, mostly appear symmetrically on both sides of the cheeks. Color of cooked liver similar, so called liver spots, nothing to do with liver disease.
Ota nevus: Usually in the upper half of a side face of the emergence of mottled gray-blue plaques, and even eye sclera will have gray-blue, dark pigment to the dermis.
Age spots: several to dozens of wax-like, rough or brown papules and plaques, and increases gradually increased, sun and more places such as the face and back of the hand more.
Sunburn: oval projections or smooth, dark brown plaques, prone to the outside of the forearm, back, front leg and face about the size of a grain of rice to the Pentagon coins' began to appear in middle age.
Shallow coffee spots: when ships are born, irregularly shaped light brown patches.
Not crowd
1, high blood pressure, diabetes.
2, long-term use of certain psychotropic substance abusers.
3, taking anti-inflammatory drugs, antihypertensive drugs are.
4, pregnant women, because there are different degrees of pain treatment, in theory, can not completely exclude the potential impact on fetal development may exist.
5, light allergy, sensitivity to light and those who recently used light sensitive drugs (retinoids, tetracycline, etc.) people.
6, facial melasma do not recommend.
7, the system uses retinoic acid (at least in order to stop using the treatment after 2 months). Temporary weakening of these patients may have a potential skin repair function.
Freckle laser surgical procedures
Step one, find the hospital
More precisely, to find a good doctor quality is crucial, so to choose a regular hospital to find experienced and good reputation of the doctor.
Step two, to communicate with doctors
Fully understand the purpose of the laser, and laser types use laser freckle lifting of fear, and the effect you want to achieve, so communicating with the doctor is necessary.
Step three, to decide whether anesthesia
Generally laser freckle beauty is no anesthesia, but some are more sensitive to beauty, so doctors need to determine the need for anesthesia and anesthesia method.
Step four, wash face
To avoid infection scab when, during laser freckle time to wash my face clean.
Step five, wearing goggles
Doctors and you need to wear special protective goggles to avoid the high energy laser may cause damage to the retina.
Step six, cold gel coating
Not all laser freckle cold gel coating is required, but if the laser hair removal treatment class high energy laser, you need 1-3 mm cold gel coating to protect the skin.
Step seven, aiming and firing
Freckle laser beam is a little bit crushed, according to the skin area in need of treatment, treatment time ranging from a few minutes to half an hour.
Step eight complete
After the above steps, a laser freckle is complete. But be careful postoperative care is also very important.
Step nine, continue treatment
A single laser beauty do not achieve the desired results, in general, the doctor will recommend skin to be trimmed before making a second or third treatment.
10 steps, recovery of skin
Within three months to avoid the sun as much as possible the use of sunscreen. Individuals pigment even deeper, but will subside after 3-6 months, a laser freckle finalized.

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