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The best method of hair removal permanent hair removal method & Misunderstandings

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Before the advent of the summer off "hair" clothing, greet the summer heat with a silky smooth skin is a lot of body hair too MM dream. But depilatory creams, blades scraping, plucking eyebrow clip, electric hair removal hair removal and other commonly used methods are only a temporary solution, and often improper use can also cause irritation, allergies, etc. Adding insult to injury. So, you want to be completely dressed woman, the key is to find a method to completely hair removal, laser hair removal experts recommend.
Depilatory creams have failed after the woman with dermatitis
October 4, 2010, Ms. Wang in the mall to buy a branch depilatory creams, body swelling after use for four days, blisters, ulcers, after being diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, acne, require hospitalization. During Ms. Wang family several rounds of consultations with the operators did not result, Ms. Wang was later please Provincial Quality Supervision and Inspection department of depilatory creams were identified, the conclusion is unqualified products. Ms. Wang said she failed depilatory creams caused great physical and psychological harm, she requested compensation for its shopping malls treatment expenses, lost income, mental anguish fees.
According to skin care experts, it is the use of depilatory creams where the chemical substance is dissolved hair structure, to achieve the purpose of hair removal. The main component of this preparation is sparse acid (calcium), have a stimulating effect on the skin, sensitive skin or frequent use may cause redness and irritation, even rash, sensitive constitution should be used with caution, menstrual period should not be used. Long-term use of skin and body hair removal cream will bring some harm.
Hair removal is no small matter to be away from 4 major errors
According to experts, excessive female body hair is generally two symptoms: First, due to genetic, endocrine disorders caused by normal or abnormal congenital hairy parts of hirsutism; second is due to endocrine disorders caused by women who grow thick hair acquired hirsutism. Because both of these symptoms are derived from the body, so the depilatory creams, razors and other traditional hair removal methods can not be cleared. I believe that many white-collar women have the feeling, try a variety of methods, body hair is still very intimidating. Let's look at what hair removal errors:
Myth # 1, razors, clips, hair removal tool is easy
When it comes to hair removal, many people will use to get neat and quick hair removal knife. According to experts, in fact, this is very wrong. Hair removal hair removal knife and other tools in the process is convenient, but not completely off, there will be another long, and the longer the hair will be thick, not solve the problem from the root source; such as improper operation, easily scratched pores, damage young skin, causing redness and swelling.
Myth # 2, waxing to maintain a long time
In order to allow the disappearance of body hair is not coming out so fast, a little free girls will choose a slightly longer duration waxing, because it probably can take off once for about two weeks. Waxing can remove large areas of hair once, but will be very painful; and chemical synthesis of beeswax likely to cause skin irritation, tearing down when body hair easy to stay in a part of the pores, breaking half of the hair very easy to tie into the end hair follicles, causing folliculitis.
Myth # 3, depilatory creams, hair removal gel targeted
Some expensive depilatory creams and hair removal gel to fight against the tiny body hair can also be a large area of ​​the rapid removal of hair, hair follicle itself is not damaged, duration of only 3 to 4 days, at the same time, the chemical composition of depilatory creams can cause skin larger stimulus, frequent use of prone to redness and irritation and even skin rashes, sensitivity to people unfit for use.
Myth # 4, a small beauty salon depilatory electrotherapy
Many people think that the beauty of the body can get rid of hair epilation electrotherapy confused, experts say, electrotherapy hair removal hair removal is mainly carried out by destroying the hair follicles, although it may achieve permanent hair removal, hair removal but in the skin surface will be generated by burning small scars, physical scars if it is, it is possible to leave the body in small spots.
Customized laser hair removal skin correct
With laser hair removal technology matures, hair removal is not only easier, but also skin.
Scenario 1 epilation skin, laser hair removal Skin
● hair removal Principle: Skin Laser hair removal is the use of laser therapy technology photothermal effect, specific laser wavelengths can penetrate deeply into the hair follicle, thorough destruction of hair follicles, pores shrink smaller, to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.
● hair removal: a few minutes, can effectively eliminate any part of the excess indecent hair, clean thoroughly. The skin does not absorb light energy of the reaction, the whole process without pain and discomfort, will not damage the skin, does not produce pigmentation, leaving no scars, no after-effects and the safety worries.
Body and adapt to the crowd: suitable for all parts of the face and body. Smaller than the sparse hair, skin more delicate, whitish color, especially those recommendation.
Scenario 2 epilation skin, hair removal laser skin rejuvenation
● hair removal works: This method of hair removal more stringent, must be based on the degree of thick hair follicles and pores with different skin, fine-tune the wavelength of the laser treatment, a specific wavelength can directly reach the hair follicle, the hair follicles to shrink smaller damage, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal, while shrinking pores, to achieve rejuvenation effect.
● hair removal: Laser hair removal allows hair follicle rejuvenation by the depth of damage, shrinking slowly changed, so that the hair growth softened, become thin, small, until it disappears. Hair removal while shrink pores, improve skin texture and elasticity, skin becomes smooth and delicate after epilation elastic.
Body and adapt to the crowd: suitable for all parts of the face and body. Bushy, thick and hard, large pores, rough skin is especially recommended.
Scenario 3 epilation skin, tender skin whitening hair removal Ice Touch
● hair removal Principle: with the two different methods of hair removal, the ice touch rejuvenation whitening hair removal is achieved by using a variety of top-level laser hair removal equipment, precise adjustment of wavelength laser treatment applied to the hair follicle, quickly get rid of unwanted hair of each part . Epilation but also shrink pores, whitening skin, significantly improving skin tone and texture, make skin smooth and delicate, more flexible.
● depilation effect: Asians yellow, blackish color, sensitive skin hair removal effect is more prominent, set hair removal, shrink pores, skin rejuvenation, whitening effect in one four-fold. Unique cooling system, so that the process of epilation cool soft touch, non-destructive skin, relaxed sitting on a star-like smooth and tender skin whitening.
Body and adapt to the crowd: suitable for all parts of the face and body. Dark, yellowish skin, rough skin, thick hair, thick and hard, large pores are particularly recommended.

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