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Fractional CO2 laser treatment Introduction

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Fractional CO2 laser treatment, a new generation of laser resurfacing systems, along with a super-pulsed laser scanning and output function, it can quickly and accurately perform all kinds of fine laser surgery, especially for body shaping and facial cosmetic surgery. The system is equipped with high-speed graphics scanner can scan different shapes of graphics output, according to the different needs of patients, providing personalized treatment.
working principle
By scanning mode emits a laser dot in the skin forming a dot matrix and laser action consisting of burning interval zones, each point of the laser by a single or a few high-energy laser pulses, can directly penetrate to the dermis, in an instant gasification out wrinkle or scar tissue, as well as to stimulate the proliferation of collagen, and then start tissue repair, collagen rearrangement and a series of skin reactions. Collagen fibers produced under the action of the laser about a third of contraction, small wrinkles are leveled, shallow depth of wrinkles thinner, the skin becomes compact and shiny.
1, a non-carbonated resection and vaporization of tissue
2, collagen, skin can maintain a therapeutic effect for a long time
3, laser and dot pattern scanning generator synergies single film, the application of ultra-pulse technology, higher precision surgery, treatment time is shortened, small thermal damage, small wounds heal fast
4, man-machine interface, easy to learn
5, self diagnosis, modular components, easy to maintain
Product advantages
1, can rapidly improve skin texture, firm skin, improve large pores, skin water smooth and delicate! This technique is a perfect combination of clinical fraternity multi-mode laser cosmetology department, wrinkles Rejuvenation world's leading technology.
2, take lessons super-pulsed laser fractional laser beauty to a new level. Doctors can use its unique features, comprehensive treatment of artistic, a treatment will be able to meet the unique beauty by size, contour and beauty needs.
3, super-micro-bridge pulse fractional laser recovery takes a long time to make up for the lack of treatment technology, taking into account the specific requirements of each patient.
4, using a single artistic comprehensive treatment, in clinical and cosmetic results more precise control, the results achieved more significant and more accurate, faster recovery times.
5, can effectively prevent heat damage and other side effects, and can promote skin healing.
1, all kinds of wrinkles (forehead lines, frown lines, eye wrinkle wrinkles around the mouth, neck profile, abdominal stretch marks, etc.)
2, sagging skin, bags under the eyes, acne (pimples) Stamp
3, all kinds of scars (trauma scars, burn scars, scars stitches)
4, pigmentation, ichthyosis, chicken skin disease, redness, etc.
5, pigmented lesions (freckles, sun spots, age spots, melasma, etc.)
6, vascular lesions (capillary proliferation, rosacea)

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