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You will correct drink milk?

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First, the more concentrated the better the milk
Some people think that the more concentrated milk, the more the body gets nutrition, it is unscientific.
Concentrated milk refers to pay more milk in the milk less water so that the concentration of milk beyond the normal ratio of the standard. It was also afraid of fresh milk is too light, in which you can add milk. If infants and young children eat too thick milk will cause diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, or poor feeding, can also cause acute hemorrhagic enteritis. This is because the delicate organs of infants and young children, can not afford to bear the burden of heavy pressure.
Second, the sugar, the better
Unsweetened milk bad digestion, many people understood that sugar in order to increase the supply of carbohydrate calories, but must be quantitative, usually per 100 ml of milk with 5-8 grams of sugar. ,
What Riga milk sugar is good? Preferably sucrose. Sucrose is broken down into the digestive tract digestive juices into glucose absorbed by the body. The sweetness of glucose is low, more and easy to exceed the prescribed range.
When there is a problem with sugar. Sugar and milk are heated together, so that lysine in milk and sugar will be at a high temperature (80 ℃ -100 ℃) react to produce harmful substances glycosyl lysine. This substance is not only not absorbed by the body, but also hazardous to health. Therefore, we should first boil the milk to dry to warm (40 ℃ -50 ℃), the sugar into the milk and then dissolved.
Third, milk chocolate
Some people think that, since milk is a high protein food, chocolate and energy food, while eating certain benefits. But in fact, it's not. Liquid milk chocolate will add calcium in milk with chocolate in the oxalate produce a chemical reaction to produce "calcium oxalate." So, it would have the nutritional value of calcium, become harmful substances, resulting in calcium deficiency, diarrhea, delayed development of children, hair dry, easy to fracture and to increase the incidence of urinary tract stones and so on.
Fourth, milk medication do both
Some people think that with something nutritious medication delivery certainly be an advantage, in fact, this is extremely wrong. Milk can significantly affect the body's absorption rate of the drug, the blood concentration of the drug within the same time than non-milk medication was significantly lower. Medication with milk is also easy to show that the drug coating film is formed, so that milk and other calcium and magnesium mineral ions react chemically with drugs to produce insoluble material, which not only reduces the efficacy, may also cause harm to the body. So, within 1-2 hours each before and after medication is best not to drink milk.
Fifth, add milk, orange juice or lemon juice to add flavor
In milk add a little orange juice or lemon juice, appears to be a good idea, but in fact, orange juice and lemon are high-acid fruit, while the acid encountered in milk protein will denature the protein, reducing the protein nutritional value.
Sixth, the milk must be boiled
Typically, the temperature of milk sterilization requirement is not high, with 3 minutes 70 ℃, 60 ℃ with 6 minutes on it. If boiling, the temperature reached 100 ℃, the lactose in milk will be coking phenomenon, and caramel can induce cancer. Secondly, milk calcium phosphate precipitation phenomena occur after boiling, thereby reducing the nutritional value of milk.
Seven, bottled milk in the sun drying, increase the vitamin D
Some people know from the ad: calcium also supplement vitamin D, and more than the sun is a good way of vitamin D intake, then put bottled milk into the sun go down in the sun. In fact, it is not right. Milk may get some vitamin D, but lost the vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Because these three nutrients will break down in the sun, resulting in partial or total loss; moreover, the sun will leaven of lactose, the milk degenerate.
Eight, with condensed milk instead of milk
Condensed milk is a milk product, fresh milk is evaporated to 2/5 original volume, then add 40% sucrose canning made. Someone with condensed milk instead of milk. This is obviously wrong. Sweet condensed milk, must be added 5-8 times as much water to dilute. But when the sweetness meet the requirements, often protein and fat concentration than fresh milk dropped by half. If water is added in the condensed milk, the concentration of protein and fat close to fresh milk, then the sugar content will be high.

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