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How to drink milk to true beauty?

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Milk nutrition beauty, what is the best time to drink milk beauty time? Time to drink milk also has some interesting effects on the human digestive nutrients in milk and milk time the child is drinking milk by age decide the number, timing and drinking milk amount, adults drink milk, we should pay attention to drink milk time.
Some adults have the habit of drinking milk in the morning, this method is unscientific, because after a night of sleep, rest the human stomach has long been emptying, is ready to eat food digestion, when the stomach emptying quickly, the milk is fluid milk, gastric emptying faster. Fasting drink milk in the stomach has not yet been fully absorbed into the intestine digest was resulted in the loss of nutrients.
Milk is very rich in high quality protein, the main role of these proteins constitute a new human tissue, but also to mend the existing organization, if the fasting drink milk only milk rapidly excreted from the stomach, and said precious protein will decomposed body is consumed as heat, which can not fully play its due role in the protein, it is a pity.
Milk protein in the human stomach and small intestine by pepsin digestion breaks down into various amino acids can be absorbed by the small intestine, fasting gastric emptying fast so that some milk proteins are not broken down into amino acids, some amino acids in the small intestine does not had time to absorb it was discharged into the large intestine, large intestine these proteins and amino acids are broken down into corruption of harmful substances, so valuable protein to the proper role not fully. Also increased the burden on the human body.
To change this situation, first of all not fasting morning to drink milk, but milk to drink in 1-2 hours after breakfast, stomach food have prevented the shortcomings of fasting milk; the second is to eat a little milk before the more starchy more food, such as bread, etc.; Third, when you want to drink milk in the morning at the same time eat steamed dim sum, rice, biscuits, bread and other starchy foods, which can make the milk to stay longer in the human stomach, gastric juice and milk can fully enzymatic hydrolysis occurs, the protein can be very good digestion and absorption.
Milk has a hypnotic and sedative effect, it is the morning energetic people to study and work time, after drinking milk, people have the feeling of drowsiness, but unfavorable to study and work, so it is best not fasting drink milk in the morning.
What time is good to drink milk?
The best night to drink milk, because milk contains a can make people sleepy tired biochemical substance L-tryptophan, as well as trace amounts of morphine-like substances that have a certain sedative and hypnotic effects, in particular L-tryptophan it is the main raw material of the brain synthesis of serotonin, and serotonin in the brain sleep plays a key role, it will enable the brain thinking activity is temporarily suppressed, so people want to sleep, and without any side effects, and milk stick to the stomach absorption is well, the calcium in milk can remove the tension, so that it is more beneficial to the elderly sleep, so at night to drink milk good, good for people to rest and sleep.
Bedtime drink milk is the best time to drink milk Beauty
Bedtime drink milk good for the body's calcium absorption and utilization. Dinner intake of calcium, before going to bed most of the absorption by the body. After sleep, especially after 0:00 pm blood calcium level will gradually decrease, decreased calcium, enhance the secretion of parathyroid hyperthyroidism, hormones act on bone tissue, bone tissue as part of a calcium salt dissolved into the blood in order to maintain the stability of calcium balance.
Dissolution is one of the reasons the body's self-regulatory function, a long time, it will become osteoporosis. In the evening before going to bed to drink milk, the calcium in milk can be slowly absorbed into the blood, the whole evening calcium have been added to maintain the balance, no need to dissolve the calcium in bone, preventing bone loss, osteoporosis, so before going to bed good drink milk.

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