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Women need to clean the skin before running it?

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Women need to clean the skin before running it? For some of the girls at the gym or start running road race can be beautiful face of makeup did not dismount to start running. This skin really okay? See "Before you run need makeup," Learn for girls before running what must be prepared.
When the movement does not fit his face with makeup, because the movement to open the pores of the body will be expanded in the future in order to sweat, if not before remover running, then not only may clog pores, so there may be some cosmetic substances into the pores, which the skin is not good, it must be run before makeup.
Before running to otherwise induce acne remover
Running is the best before unloading clean, all makeup and sunscreen; because runners will sweat pores open, sweat and make-up some of the ingredients of this case easily blocked pores, induced acne. Face acne easy girls, be sure not to look good but not makeup before a run, when running water ran down the drip when the makeup is very difficult to keep.
Before running to makeup or prone to acne
Cleansing is not running, especially when the raw materials for cosmetics containing comedogenic materials, increased acne opportunities arise. Because the face of cosmetics can clog pores, impede dirt, oil and dead skin discharge. It is also recommended that a dermatologist as soon as possible before running remover reasons. Too thick moisturizer, will become induce acne culprit.
To remover former runners can wear bangs hair band
For girls, the front runners are the best hair tied up with bangs, then you can wear a hair band. This prevents excessive hair contact with the skin, to avoid skin discomfort when we run. In addition, hair tie up a broader vision for the road race are concerned, it is more secure.
What is also prepared to warm up before running and hydration
In addition to the front runners need makeup, the need to go running before the warm-up and replenish moisture.
Not started running about as long as the speed to the maximum, you can start with a brisk start, attention should also actively arm swing. And other muscles of the body to heat up later started running again, and we will more easily enter the state, running efficiency will be better.
When running water causes the body to lose water, so before running, running and running after the water must be timely, to warm water is appropriate.
Longer than 2 hours of run trainer, can carry a bottle of sports drink containing electrolytes, can prevent muscle cramps.
Women need to clean the skin before running it?
Before running must remember remover, remover if inconvenient, it is best to go out when not wearing makeup. With makeup most likely because the pores open running exercise, makeup makeup clog pores, causing acne or acne while running. For healthy skin, small advice runners must be in the running before makeup.

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