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Female facial skin laxity how to do?

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Causes the formation of facial relaxation
Skin, fat and muscle is the largest support force, and human aging, weight loss, nutritional imbalance, lack of exercise and other causes of loss of subcutaneous fat, muscle relaxants, skin sagging and loss of support. And as people age, after 25 years, with the loss of body protein, the skin loses its elasticity, sagging skin conditions can also occur. External factors can not be ruled out gravity and so is one of the causes of loose skin.
Pay attention to daily skin cleansing
Keep the facial skin clean is the first step against sagging facial skin, facial oil too heavy, or too much dust remover is not complete, it will clog the pores of the skin. So that the skin can not breathe freely. Too heavy burden on the skin, in the long run, will accelerate the aging of the skin, causing skin laxity. Therefore we recommend that in everyday life, pay attention to clean facial skin. Sooner or later have to clean the skin with a cleanser. Keep the facial skin clean and dry.
Alternating hot and cold water wash
Hot water helps to wash the facial skin pores open, to a certain extent, better cleaning facial skin. Cold water wash, because the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, cold water can stimulate the skin pores shrink. Skin becomes more compact and flexible. Thus, in the face of time. Note that alternating hot and cold water, can enhance the facial skin supple feel.
Appropriate to exfoliating facial
Appropriate exfoliating facial dirt can remove dead skin, reduce the burden on the skin, the skin can breathe freely. However, excessive exfoliating the skin will become too thin and lose the natural protective barrier. The skin becomes dry and sensitive. Likely to cause skin relaxation. Therefore recommended beauty of the MM, do not over-clean to exfoliate the skin. 1-2 times a week exfoliating work enough. Proper exfoliation can help the skin full of vitality.
Use skin care products firm
Loose inelastic skin, focus on cleansing must also pay attention to the use of compact skin care products. Compactness of skin care products to replenish moisture and nutrients needed to enhance the vitality of skin cells. Effective against facial skin laxity. It is recommended that the skin loose sooner or later people pay more attention to the use of compact skin care products, nutritional supplements to strengthen skin.
Strengthen the sun
Too strong ultraviolet radiation is one of the important reasons for the relaxation of the facial skin, prolonged sunlight to be irradiated, facial skin will cause light effects of aging. Also because of exposure to sunlight causes the body formation of excessive free radicals excessive skin oxidation, the skin becomes dry and there is no flexibility. Resulting in loose skin. In order to better withstand the face of sagging skin, sunscreen is essential. Especially in the strong ultraviolet radiation in summer, be sure to use a bit of a relatively high degree of sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen products. Can you wear a hat when necessary, hold umbrellas sun for further work.
Strengthen the facial muscles
Guarantee that the face clean and dry, we should also pay attention to the compactness of the facial muscles. Facial muscles to maintain firmness can be accomplished by means of massage, beauty massage by hand or auxiliary equipment for the muscles of the face massage. Exercise to strengthen the facial muscles, increase muscle strength, reach facial skin firming effect. We recommend at least a week on the face 2-3 times by Moti La, effectively preventing skin slack.
As we all know, collagen is the basis of skin elasticity shiny. As people age, also with the loss of collagen. Oral nutritional liquid collagen or collagen capsule particles. To a certain extent collagen. Increase the elasticity of the skin while enhancing skin hydraulic lock. Against the facial skin laxity.
Balanced diet
Maintain a good diet is essential to the maintenance of a compact skin condition, binge eating habits, stomach burden will also make the imbalance in the body's metabolism, making the skin caused by excessive absorption of nutrients sagging skin. Excessive dieting, the body will consume its own original energy, skin nutrition supply reach equilibrium, so that the skin becomes empty due to lack of nutrition and relaxation. Eat more foods containing collagen, such as pig skin, white fungus and other foods containing a large amount of collagen can strengthen collagen supplement to a certain extent. Therefore, there must be skin tight, we must pay attention to the daily life of good eating habits.
Good habits facial expressions
Always frowning, looking down, chewing migraine and other bad habits can cause facial expression muscles are too tight, and the formation of wrinkles, double chin and other skin problems. Excessive facial movements cause excessive muscle tension, skin can not get a good rest and cause skin laxity. Want to ease the problem of loose skin, they should get rid of love frown, face down and other bad habits. Do relaxation of expression, relieve muscle nerves of the face. Good habits of expression is also one of the key factors.
Refused to stay up all night
Long-term stay up late can affect the secretion of hormones, the body's metabolism slows down, the water content of the cells will also increase, easy edema. More likely to cause skin relaxation. Good sleep quality and sleep habits to make the body's metabolic balance. Preventing skin sag. Therefore, to suggest that you have at least 6-8 hours of sleep per day. Longer sleep duration in favor of dual rest body and skin, allowing the skin to breathe freely, accelerate cell metabolism, slow down skin relaxation.
Perfect Makeup Tips
Good makeup tips is also to deal with a large measure of loose skin, although it can not fundamentally solve the problem of loose skin. But in the visual senses greatly alleviate the problem of loose skin, good makeup tips to make the facial skin look firm and elastic. Smile become more attractive. Recommended makeup, try to make the makeup becomes thin, Concealer products cover the nasolabial folds and other facial skin appears loose parts. Skin look more shiny and elastic
Medical Beauty to help
Medical Beauty is nowadays the most effective against loose skin problem most efficient way, the medical and beauty care measures, to quickly improve facial skin laxity problems, the facial skin becomes compact and flexible. And no side effects, is against the loose skin problem a big savior, I want to quickly make the skin becomes compact and flexible, try cosmetic medicine methods.

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